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  1. XL
    Ok whilst I am waiting for the bits to arrive for my 600XL engine I could do with some advice re gaskets. I have ordered a complete new gasket set my question is should I also apply some gasket sealant to the gaskets as well, as I imagine the aluminum castings are not as flat and true as they...
  2. Transalp
    I am thinking of resealing it with a semi-hardening gasket sealer on both sides of the rubber gasket. Idealy, I would buy a new gasket and the rubber sealers that go on the bolts that fasten down the rocker cover. I really want to get the bike rideable for now and go on an event ride in two...
  3. Africa Twin
    Ok got your attention or not perhaps. I am on route to the Austrian Alps and my exhaust has been popping and banging on the over run since leaving Wales. Ok I know all the things to do - I am pretty handy with all that stuff but want to check out a couple of things - now no disrespect but only...
  4. Transalp
    Whynot's thread made me think: How could one limit the chances of / rate at which output splines might wear down? Something like smearing a gasket sealer over the splines to give a resisitant, elastic cushion to the sprocket's movement on acceleration/decceleration?
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi I thought you might be interested in how I fitted the ebay special Motad Venom to my 1999 AT. The secret is to get a good stainless clamp from (M&Ps) and also to REVERSE the existing tail end bracket and then make up a spacer to hold it all. You will see from the photos that it is in...
  6. Transalp
    Riding Monday and the speedo needle starts vibrating....then about 10 miles later starts jumping....then about 5 miles later lays down and dies.....CRAP. I know what this is. The dreaded Transalp speedo drive gear failure. Drive ring ordered that afternoon from the friendly local dealer. The...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Finally arrived on Saturday ... a whopping 3 months and a retrun to the manufacturer after the initial purchase. The note attached ... "No Fault Found" ... Oh well, time to break out Mr Silicon sealer. Now it can sit proud on its Touratech Bar mount whilst I ride the ardious commut to work :)
  8. Africa Twin
    Heated of course!... problem I have is that the throttle grip is loose. I bought some "grip fix" from Honda, but the stuff hadnt cured off even after 3 days and leaving the heated grips on all night last night!. I was thinking of using silicone sealer. Anyone else have any comments /...
1-8 of 9 Results