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  1. For Sale: Sealey PP40 Plasma cutter

    For Sale / Wanted
    HI I am trying to raise funds for an Africa Twin, so my wife said i have to sell all my stuff if I want one. I have a Sealey PP40 Plasma cutter for sale It works fine just needs a new nozzle and electrode. It will cut 12mm plate all day long. Looking for £250.00 Regards wizard
  2. funnel recommendations

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, looking into carrying some extra fuel on the ole Dizzy, I'm cool with the jerry can, but fed up of leaking flexi tubes, so wondered if anyone has tried something that works well, I've seen a nice looking one by sealey, but you cant beat a recommendation. I want that go go juice on the...
  3. Whatever next - coloured spanners!

    Found these in the Sealey Power Products advert in Classic Bike - The missus reckons that they're for women*. You can picture the scene - Pass me the spanner. Which size? The GREEN one! * With sincerest apologies to Kymmy and Jenna. And it's a good job I live in another country...
  4. Recommend me a tool cabinet

    Mechanical Advice
    Thinking about condensing my mountain of tools which are spread around various boxes and bags into a mechanic style tool cabinet. There seems to by quite a range available from cheapo to SnapOn. Have read that the Halfords industrial are worth a look, anyone got any experience of these things...