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  1. SLR650 short levers

    Other Honda
    Hi all I'm in the process of planning an SLR650 scrambler build & am looking for some short levers. Would anyone happen to know if the front brake & clutch levers are the same on a Dominator? If not, would the be the same on anything else? Africa twin perhaps or any suggestions on where to get...
  2. Transalp xl700v front sprocket, +1 tooth

    Can anyone tell me the oem honda sprocket, 16 tooth that replaces the stock 15 tooth, cant find it in my searches, thanks.
  3. Starter solenoid

    I have a 2006 xr250 which needs a solenoid. Can anybody tell me if any outher model year will fit as searches coming up blank.
  4. Bluetooth kit for Duchinni D619 helmet

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Got a Duchinni D619 helmet for Xmas and am trying to source a Duchinni bluetooth kit for it but all my Google and ebay searches find nowt There is a place in the helmet for their bespoke bluetooth kit which is why I'm trying to find one of theirs rather than buy a generic kit Anyone got any...