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  1. Dommie on the high seas

    Dominator / FMX
    I just bought this 'new' Dommie, it has only done 45,000 km on sealed roads so is in min condition. My project Dommie ended up being too much of a project and I desperately needed a bike for the summer so I will probably keep this one stock for rides really nice :mrgreen: There are...
  2. Russian Convoy Boys.

    For years now my dad has been meeting his old Mine Sweeper shipmates (HMS Apollo) once a month down in Kennington. Much of his sailing was in the post war Baltic seas. Several years ago the Mine Sweepers and the Russian Convoy Club decided to join together as their numbers, for obvious reasons...
  3. Increasing fuel range!

    Bodgers Corner
    Even before I bought the X Country, one thing that would be an issue for me is the measly 7ltr 'to reserve' tank - circa 110 to 115 miles but there was so much that I liked about the bike adding extra fuel capacity was not the end of the world. After a little thought here is the result - stand...
  4. Hemingway Adventurers or Utterly Nutterly!

    Came home last night, just north of Loch Torridon, for a jolly cycle event around Applecross on Saturday. Awoke this morning to these sort of conditions: The kinda stuff you need to stand leaning 10 degrees into the wind to stay upright. Walking back to the house, spotted this intrepid...
  5. WEE, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie

    O, what a panic’s in thy breastie! Happy Burns night from Whealie (you can tell he's Scottish cos he lives in London to save the train fare) 250 years today the great man was born. Often remembered only for : But among my personal favourites is: Eddie Reader's album of Burn's stuff is...
  6. For Sale: 03 Reg Africa Twin for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda Africa Twin 2003 03 Reg In very good condidtion, 38000 miles 3 owners service history 1 years MOT completed 2 Dec along with brake service 11 months tax data tool system 3 alarm smart water ascerbis hand guards dyna tek charge moniter 12 v socket garmin zumo gps and mount (fitted) new...
  7. Bent frame/swinging arm

    Mechanical Advice
    Took bike for MOT yesterday to get rid of the cat C status to find it failed on a few things. So I left it with them to pick up today hopefully with an MOT but they can’t get the wheel alignment correct and recon I either have a bent rear swing arm or frame which is an automatic MOT fail. So...
  8. McVicars New Bike

    I finally went for a Kawasali 650 Versys. Like the one in the picture but with ABS, hard panniers and a vario screen. More info here: