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  1. Guy Martin, yah bugga

    Guy Martin. On the surface, slightly insane! Speed with Guy Martin - Channel 4 But checking out his kitchen, I notice a rather rare and exotic Bimota V-Due sitting in the corner, and something perhaps even more special or secret, sitting under a tarpaulin?!! The bloke needs a "check up from...
  2. Germany, Mainz June 2014

    Vader's Tours
    After having a few shandys over the last week and a bit and talking to a lot of odd people:toothy4:it seems a another trip to the fatherland is in order Going down to Mainz where I come from, camping on one site only and doing daytrips from there. Unfortunately there is a festival on at the time...
  3. Hypnotherapy

    just wondered if anyone had given Hypnotherapy a go and what their thoughts were on the outcome. I make no secret of the fact that I'm terrified of heights and it's time I did something about it so am considering trying hypnotherapy but I'm also a bit sceptical as to whether it works. so what...
  4. Africa Twin A bike for the laydeez

    Africa Twin
    I have recently had two women I know, both married get really excited that I have an AT. 'Oh!! an Africa twin' and a weird lustful look in their eyes. My wife likes the bike and agreed with the other womens. Should we keep this a secret benefit of AT ownership. I have never had a member of the...
  5. Blue XL650V1 2001 UK - (E) part numbers

    Any of you knowledgeable ones able to explain to me how to deduce which colour corresponds to the Transalp parts secret code ? I seek the knowledge of blue bodywork for an XL650V1 2001 UK model ... body bits 19 & 20, as shown above (grrr ... f'in'reversin'4wd'ers).
  6. Secret place to buy AT's at sillyprices

    Africa Twin
    This is a secret, and its only because I am broke that I share this site with you But if I had eURO.1850 i WOULD BE OFF to France Africa twin XRV 750 RD04 URGENT Motos Marne - A fantastic source of everything...... Shhhhh keep it to yourself
  7. could this be true ??????????????????????

    Medvedev: Russian presidents get secret files on aliens -
  8. well ive been to the holy grail !!!!!

    Other Bikes
    saw this on ebay , and it insperied ,,,, lmao ,,,, i mean inspired me to tell you lot where i went the other week Huge Vintage Dirt Bike Collection - YouTube#! was invited to go and have a look at a motorcycle restoration companys workshop with a view to doing a few wheels for them...
  9. Hey wee jack is your dirty little secret as big as this

    :toothy10::toothy10::toothy10::toothy10::toothy10::toothy10: Miniatur Wunderland *** official video 2012 *** largest model railway / railroad of the world - YouTube
  10. Africa Twin 1991 ignition barrel bolts removal - how?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all! So I've removed all the bodywork to give me access to the bolts holding the ignition barrel and switch in place. All I need to do is remove the bolts..... Unfortunately, none of the tools I've got seem to want to work. Is there a factory tool or a secret technique that I'm missing? All...
  11. Top Secret Number Reservation List.

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    This numbers nightmare rears it's ugly head every year! But it's obvious certain riders are very attached to their numbers. With that in mind, I wanted to get a feel for who would definately want a reserved number - and by extention a confirmed rider: So far we have: Mark - #52 Vader -...
  12. Secret filming of the GS initiation ceremony!

    They have to wear the same outfits, they disguise themselves with helmets and they have to put on fake American accents to become a GS rider YouTube - TeeterTotter4.MP4 And before you start on me for being a tosser hater it's all T.I.C
  13. The secret of life,,,,

    Well, what is it you say? Simples says I! Contentment. Being content with your lot is the answer. :D Friday night, finished work for the week, Fiona's here with me in the flat, cozy. I'm sitting having a cup of coffee with a slice of buttered wholemeal toast covered with smoked salmon...
  14. Wee jack has a very dirty little secret !!!

    infact i was soooo disgusted i nearly rode all the way home there and then:mad: but it had been a long day so i kept quiet about discovering it:D:D:D however i think he sussed me out and when we were out for a ride i was given a very threatening warning from the wee fella and his henchman wee...
  15. Autocoms' best kept secret!

    Bike Comms & Audio
    We have always had a problem with the Autocom (300 duo), the vox needs to be set high (noisy helmet & noisy screen?), to avoid the wind noise activating it, but this needs shouting to activate at slower speeds, cutting conversations short..... After a quick call to the Autocom customer...
  16. Revealed: Your secret's out the closet!!

    It has come to my attention during my travels that there are certain members of this forum have extra curricular activities that are not well publicised!! I will begin to expose them!!! Lets start with some who are frequent posters!!! First up!!! I don't know so much about the...
  17. I Know A Secret ......... SHHHHHHH !!!

    Everything Orange - KTM
    I know a secret ORANGE thing !!! but I can't say , careless talk can cost lives you know ? I couldn't possibly tell. Well OK then you twisted my arm !!! Scottoiler are, as you may know, a Glasgow based company and they have been asked by KTM to develop a special KTM range of oilers and YES...
  18. Share my secret with no-one

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    If you keep your shell like ears pinned back, you may find that there is a horizons Morocco meet happening in spring. You heard it here first! Allah o ahkbar!!!!!!
  19. whats the secret code !

    i love going for a good long spin on me bike most Sundays. weather does not bother me, i can take it. providing my oul girl, Betsy can as well. but the thing is. i meet the odd biker on the road. and what i find is, if they have a cruiser style bike, or a low rider. basically if they are wearing...
  20. Psst!!!! Honda have a secret Vara ...

    And it takes a bit digging to find. There is a new 2007 spec Varadero 1000 that is not being widely publisised because (according to dealer gossip) they have hunners of 2006 spec units to shift. if you go there and open the PDF...