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  1. Dommie Workshop Manual

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone got a Workshop model for a 2000 model NX650 Dominator?? I found a few for the older model, and a few sections for the newer model,
  2. Trialer expense

    Bodgers Corner
    I have been wanting a trailer to transport some bikes to events, prices are crazy for what they are. Went to local steel merchants and got quoted for 2" x 2" & 4" x 2" box sections it was going to cost £200 for steel alone not including suspension unit and tow hitches light etc. But would still...
  3. 2001 CR 250 two-stroke @ ERZBERG 2008

    Competitions / Trials
    Hey there Honda trail riders, I am new to this forum, from what I understand that this is mainly a big bike site but I am seriously seeking help with my list of questions regarding set up for my 2001 HONDA CR 250 R – two stroke motocross bike for Erzberg. I previously posted these questions in...
  4. Erzberg 2008 On A 2001 Honda CR 250 R

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    This is my first post. Hello everyone, When I saw a Honda rider based web-site, for a moment I thought all my dreams had come true. I need Honda related Erzberg questions answered really bad. As the time draws nearer to this ridiculous event , I have no one to talk to , about how to...
  5. Hey Guys and Girls,listen up

    Just wanted to say Thank you To DaveS,Stormforce,Anette and all the Mods.You are all doing a brilliant job:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::D I joined this site 2 years ago and had nothing but laughs,help and fun on here. The way this site has grown(i think we had 750 members or so when i joined) and...
  6. How do they do that?

    Bodgers Corner
    Seen some really nice, really neat work. How's it done? Apart from welding, which I cannot do, what is the secret to nicely worked edges, curved sections, etc? I can buy metal sheet from B&Q, or the Estonian equivalent. I can cut with tin cutters. I can de-burr with an angle grinder, and...
  7. For anyone interested in touring in Germany

    Just stumbled across this. Sounds real good and can be done in "bits" as the whole thing is around9000km (5000odd miles i guess) long German Motorbike Route The original German Motorbike Route The latest that Germany has to offer motorbike riders is a circuit measuring just under 9,000 km that...
  8. Enduroland - Towcester, England

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Enduroland is a new off road biking venue near Towcester, just off the A43. They are running open events on the last Sunday of each month, with a fully marked out enduro course. I don't have any connection with Enduroland other than having a great time yesterday. Basically, the setup is for...
  9. honestly xl600v any good?

    Right still got my xrv and intend to keep tried the vara 1000 not impressed:confused: So what are the tranny xl600's like??? What makes you giggle:rolleyes: Thinking of gettin one to go alongside the africa and k100. Yes a bmw that is infact not a trail bike:thumbup: Got chance of an h reg...
  10. Mods for trials riding

    I took the XR400 on the Exeter long distance trial last weekend. All the off road sections were hill climbs which I was doing slowly in 2nd. However on a couple of occasions I rolled off for a sharp corner and the loss of speed combined with the gradient meant that the bike started to bog as...
  11. VERY icy out there today

    Beware peeps....I know it can be obvious,but it`s extremely icy on the roads today. Be extra wary of shaded sections of road and any low lying areas. I got to work at 05.30 and the whole access road and carpark was a sheet of ice. Yippeee.......Ural combos are SO much fun in the winter :D :D
  12. CHEAP heated clothing

    Following on from another post, heres my heated clothing solution after a VERY cold ride the other day (would love some proper heated kit, but i just cant afford it at the moment:() : I bought a heated car travel blanket from THE RANGE, proceeded to pull it to bits when i got home and removed...
  13. Welcome to Mini XRV's

    Mini XRVs
    Hi Kids, We have set up this section especially for you to chat to other kids with parents who are nutty about bikes. It is for you to talk about bikes, bike kit, and anything else you want to chat about without having to read all the boring stuff the adults post in the main sections. You...
  14. Raymo back in the sadle

    Other Bikes
    well picked up an XLV 750R limited edition yesterday at belfast ferry terminal guted as its got s chip on the tank was going to insert a fotie here but I dont know how to do it bike in good nick for a 22 year old off the ferry at Stanraer and checked oil, topped up and filled with 16 lts...
  15. National Meet... (Better late than never!)

    Past National Meets
    National Meet - Ride Report... (Better late than never!) He Came, He Saw, He Dropped his Bike (A Lot!) So it’s time to meet the gang, time to meet the hardcore rufty tufty cyber guys and girls who give it large on the forum. The people, who for the last year have only been imaginary...
  16. Dales Ride Out - Saturday

    Past National Meets
    Dales Ride Out Led by Austin Dent....Hawes...Buttertubs pass.....Kirkby Stephen.....Langwathby.....Hartside Pass(2nd twistiest road in UK and biker friendly cafe at the top)......Alston.....Barnard Castle.....Richmond (call in at Altberg boots if I can find them again))....Reeth.....Thwaite...
  17. Transande

    I've just got back from escorting a group of journalists on a trek across the Andes in Salta Province, Argentina. We were on sections of the famously treacherous road 'La Cuarenta', detouring off onto dry riverbeds and through tight canyons. We were in 4x4's I'm afraid - it would have been...
  18. The Great XRV Library Thread

    :D Ok, here it is .. the little book shop tucked away down a little alleyway, far from the busseling crowded streets that make up the dynamic metropolis that is It has a little doorway, small and narrow, such that you have to stoop down when entering ( well, nearly everyone does ;) )...
  19. Ryedale Rally 2007

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, with all the big things going on this weekend, I'll add my own little bit of muddy mayhem to the mix :D . The rally is held in the forests of the North Yorkshire Moors, up above Pickering. Apparently Pickering flooded quite badly last week, causing some shops etc to remain closed. It had...
  20. TBEC 12hr Hare and Hounds

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    (Don't know if this goes here or in the "Other Traillies" section, please feel free to move as required) Whaddon 12 Hour Hare and Hounds. Had to done, and on the little bike. Its probably just because I’m soft, but I now hurt in places I didn’t know I had places! It was a really good day...