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  1. Chatter
    security issues a while back, ok, i understand. BUT, i only use 1 computer. EVERY TIME i try to log on, NOPE... wrong password, use forgot password, new tab, sign into my hotmail, open emails, go to site again, go back to email, wait, back to xrv land, sign-in using new password. An hour later...
  2. Africa Twin
    I was emailed a new password due to a 'security breach'. I logged in successfully with it. I changed it to something sensible. A few days later and now my password appears to have been reset to what it originally was (i.e. before the 'security breach'). Just for anyone else who's having problems.
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys. I have about 30 - 40 high security Squire Stronghold Professional padlocks. These are high security PROFESSIONAL GRADE padlocks that are a whopping £35 each new (see screwfix item number 95054advert below). My Quick sale prices: £13-£14 each!! Squire Brass 4-Wheel Combination...
  4. Travel
    While the driving public may not have used dashboard camera systems in the past, that could change in the near future as drivers become more aware of the potential benefits. If you get into an accident or have another issue on the road, a dash cam may provide proof of what actually happened and...
  5. Transalp
    Hi, I'm fairly new to biking, so far i've never let the bike out of my sight on a ride which obviously isn't ideal. Please can you advise what solutions you have? I have a motorbike chain but it weighs 12+kg so I dont know how best to transport it? Seem to think the rear rack is only rated to...
  6. Transalp
    G'day Playmates, Has any Transalper here ever carried a heavy-bike-locking-security-chain in the TA's capacious storage compartment under the seat ... and if so, what were the results, if any, of surpassing the weight limited of 2'ish Kgs that Mr.Honda's sticker states is the maximum permitted ?
  7. Africa Twin
    I was about to go into Halfords here in Cork but the door was locked. Security and Gardai hunting down robber - ironically, usually them robbing the punters!
  8. Chatter
    My eldest son has just had his bank account hacked for the 8th time in three weeks. each they are requesting emergency cash, know his security number etc. Every time he phones up fraud squad, he changes his security, they still are getting emergency cash out. The bank ( RBS ):mad: are absolutely...
  9. Africa Twin
    How To: Build and fit a GPS Security Tracker kit for less than £50 quid - Fast Bikes Found this - thought some of you guys wuld like this idea! I do!
  10. Travel
    Settings update: This may be of interest to all Android users. The most important thing you can do with your Android phone right now | Computerworld Blogs Very simple and easy security update that has been included by Google recently...ish. Well worth doing if you are travelling, or indeed at...
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    Zumo 550 complete with all accessories, bike mount with power lead, car mount and power lead, ram mounts, mains charger, carrying case, security screw driver and Full Europe 2010.i mapping. Used not abused, in good condition, has a couple fine scratches on the screen which are not visible...
1-11 of 60 Results