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  1. Seduced

    Oh God............ it's too strong.... Inspiring flicbits - It surrounds us. It penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. - YouTube Tick...
  2. So, I've bought one, now tell me its good!

    Just picked up a 09 TA with 800 miles on the clock and p/exed my trusty V Strom. I think I was seduced by the looks after living for a few years with an ugly old thing that performed faultlessly... I live on the Isle of Wight (just off southern England for the rest of the world). I average about...
  3. Howdy

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Mad Dave from sunny Manchester here. After riding a V-Strom and 1150GS then onto an 1100 dragstar for a couple of years I was seduced today by a nice shiny black 09 plate Varadero at Hunts motorcycles. Well after some wheeling and dealing and a lowering kit thrown in I took the plunge and will...
  4. Silly Boy !

    9 months inside, 5 year ban, probably lost his job, re test, criminal record, etc etc ! :rolleyes: BBC NEWS | Scotland | South of Scotland | 166mph biker 'seduced by speed'
  5. 2nd Test ride on a 700 Alp.

    I took a wee test ride on a 700 alp two weeks ago , and now find myself booked in for a second test tomorrow. Could this be indicative of a pending change back to the Red side??? :rolleyes: Would I be welcomed back or ridiculed for allowing myself to be seduced by the long legged Austria...
  6. Got a problem

    KTM 990Adventure S vs Honda Africa Twin 750 I have had the honda some time , recently got the ktm but cant decide which one to keep ! both have for and against but basically for me its a toy i dont travel on adventures despite all my fantasy plans . Honda , a great fun ride , comfortable ...
  7. xl 700 or xl 650?

    Hello All, In February this year, I made a serious mistake. I bought a 2006 Triumph Bonneville. I was seduced by the noise, the chrome, the retro looks. The test ride wasn't long, and all the quirky things about the bike that I thought I'd love are now either annoying or scary or both. I had a...
  8. Alp to Cagiva navigator

    Other Bikes
    I have been seduced found that whilst I couldnt fault my Alp I also coundnt grow to love it It did everything verry well but lacked ,for me ,that special wow factor so after 2 years and many uneventful miles I have sold her with minimal financial loss. What to get next tried a vstrom and a...
  9. Touratech stuff, what to get ??

    I'm being seduced by the Touratech catalogue, and think that I cannot live without a cross-brace, tall screen and footpegs. Has anyone tried these, and what do you think about them? Have they improved your life beyond all reason ?
  10. 06 TA First real ride {long and full of drivel}

    It's friday morning and 1000kms ticked over on the (long) way home from work last night. So over to the honda dealer to get my nuts tightned and bits lubed. Catching the train in this neck of the woods is apparently not that easy... no cash and no atm's near the station... anyway I had my...