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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys. I've a '95 RD08 with an RD02E engine and reading 36000 kms, 6 months ago I bought my bike and changed the oil putting in 20/50. Within a few weeks the gearchange became poor refusing to go into 4th and 5th until the bike had warmed after a few miles, I've subsequently put 15/40 then...
  2. Transalp
    Hi All Maybe a stupid question im a new rider just bought myself a TA650 love it but the gear selector needs adjusting as its too low for me... ive looked online without much joy as to how to adjust? can anyone help me please? Thank you in advance
  3. Africa Twin
    Hellowww fellow twin'ers. My rd03 has a worn gear selector fork. I have a rd04 750 engine at my possession but is it possible to use the forks and transmission from the 750 in the 650?
  4. Varadero
    My varadero has started jumping out of 2nd gear into neutral, does anyone know what this is or is it as i suspect, a worn drum/selector forks? If so does anyone know if you can get to it with engine in the bike, because the honda service manual quotes only 3hrs for the job
  5. Transalp
    My TA 600 sometimes jumps out of 2nd gear under accelleration. I think the problem is worn gear selector forks ie these (not my pic) has anyone here ever dismantled their transalp gearbox to change these selectors? if so, how easy is it to do this? is it the right hand side of the engine? do...
  6. Africa Twin
    Just wondering if any of you guys have a 17 tooth for the front sprocket on yer AT's ?? I have just taken the cover off and was surprised at mine having one and especially the lack of clearance between sprocket and gear selector shaft......not more than a mm !!! I knew the previous owner had...
  7. Transalp
    Hi All Trying to make my bike as drop proof as possible. I've got a bendy gear selector, hand/lever guards, and will soon buy some stubby indicators. This means that the most vulnerable part is now the rear brake lever, as I've found out numerous times. Any hints for crash-proofing it, or...
  8. XR
    bought bike (xr250 1997) with problem so dont know how it happened but, it would only change as far as second and the gear lever never returned to its position , so after splitting the engine i found that the spring on the seletor shaft had come off the little locators is this all this problem...
  9. Africa Twin
    The switch that is controlled by the clutch to enable you to start the bike in gear seems to have malfunctioned. I would try to fix it but don’t know what or where this part is - or called? - Please could someone give me a heads up as to what im looking for thanks guys:thumbup:
  10. XR
    Was ondering why i was having difficulty finding neutral it turns out my gear selector shaft splines worn so the gear lever wasnt gripping,any ideas on my next course of action, can they be recut?
  11. Africa Twin
    Does anyone know what the screw size, thread size and so on are for the screw that holds the plastic reserve fuel selector thingy in place? Seems I either forgot to screw it in last time or i didnt do it properly, cause the screw is missing now. Luckily the actual plastic thingy is still there
  12. XR
    HI, new here, but an Huge xr fan. I have some how managed to snap the tip of my xr250r 'gear selector shaft' off. The splines are damaged on the remaining part of the shaft. The splines on the inside of the lever are not great. What i did was spot weld it first, but that only lasted half...
  13. Africa Twin
    Yes, Search this forum. I have striped and rebuilt the AT engine,so have one or two others. Buy the AT workshop Manual from Honda [Photo Copt ] it is good, better than the ones I use at Work, [they are for Aircraft] Use good tools [SnapOn] Don't be afraid to ask silly questions, we all...