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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    As it says in the title, have two bikes, one fully kitted with satnav zumo 660, would like to use it on my AT. Anybody got the parts I need, for sale. Getting difficult to find them in the shops Thanks UK address or Irl address for Irl seller:nike:
  2. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello My son has just bought an 85 XL 125 Whilst dooing the deal the seller said I have another 1983 XL in bits in the shed, so I bought it as I wanted one 30 years ago. I now need help as the rear suspension is seized and been cut out! Looking for a parts diagram for it but cant find one as...
  3. XL
    Hi everyone, I've just picked up an 89 xl 600 rmg I think? It's originally from Germany and I'm going to sort the UK registration. It has an XR 600? Dual carb fitted apparently? It looks similar. Is there any advantage to this,? The seller said it improved power. I have the original carb in a...
  4. Transalp
    On ebay listings the seller sometimes says "theres only XX of these registered with the DVLA" how do they get that information? I can't find the link on the DVLA site. All I can find is this any ideas?
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Just been browsing Autotrader bikes for sale. Came across an advert for a CG125 2006 model. The seller is asking £700 for it and by the looks it has plenty more miles left. Good old Honda durability.
  6. Africa Twin
    hello, the number plate seems from UK and the seller says he has no documents for the bike. does anyone recognise this one Honda African Twin 750 1999 Bucuresti Sectorul 1 •
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted good samaritan near Dunmow Essex who would be prepared to collect and post on some AT bits from ebay. Big ask I know, there are a few bits going that I need for the latest rebuild however the seller does not want to post and its just too far from liverpool. Auction ends Sunday night...
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    On eBay now with this German seller, some new, old stock Africa Twin parts. Prices are high, but parts are new! rexx-moparts | eBay Also XL parts, including a lovely rare XL600LM tank rexx-moparts | eBay Bob
  9. Dominator / FMX
    Hello people, I'm in desperate need of a 1988 rd02 front caliper There is a bike being broken on the bay but seller slow to reply What if any other options do I have ? Any other callipers fit ? any one on here know of any I have new pads piston bleed nipple and seals just the housing I need Any...
  10. Africa Twin
    There might be some interested parties on here? How about a tuned motor for your RD03? I came across this by accident when trawling eBay, and can't believe the seller has limited his audience by not putting Africa Twin in the title of the listing, especially as it's mentioned at the end of the...
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi all. Will be going to look at an rd03 with 32.000miles on the clock. How would I check the output shaft without taking it apart. Also what should I be looking for in the way of know/major faults. Seller says it's in original, mint condition and is asking top dollar so I'm expecting...
  12. XR
    The seller on ebay is telling me that this chain doesn't fit my XR650R??? Is this true?
  13. eBay - Africa Twin
    Item located in Sweden. I am the seller. Africa Twin Tripmaster (Meter Assy, Digita) From A XRV 750 RD07 3 days left. Haven't had any offers yet
  14. Varadero
    Reason I ask is that I'll be back in civilsation next week and I've seen one advertised that ticks all the boxes, but has been lowered 3-5cm. I've contacted the seller and he says he bought it in a lowered condition and has no idea how it was done, but that the original bits are with it. I...
  15. Dominator / FMX
    I just bought some CRF250r forks on ebay (finally) and was wondering if any of you have heard of ipost which the seller is using to ship the forks to Denmark , fully insured and with tracking for £30.(sounds to good to be true) Me being a skeptic expat scouser, (try sayin that after 6 pints) was...
  16. Transalp
    I found a TA600 on ebay, here in UK, the seller said it has IoM logbook, so no MOT on the bike. If I want to buy it and keep it what should I do and how much is the costs? Can I keep the IoM reg? Any advice appreciated here.
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Just been looking on ebay motors at bikes nothing really catches my eye but i keep noticing most adds are classified so why do nearly all classified adds have "watchers" it's not lke the price is going up it's a set price for the vehicle so why watch it . Are they just time wasters with no cash...
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    I was considering this for the front garden, but the seller frightened me off. Worth a read and a laugh! HAWKER HUNTER JET 1955 COMPLETE AIRCRAFT FOR DISPLAY (NO ENGINE) | eBay
  19. Africa Twin
    Need to start thinking about the decals for my RD04 and I've read bad things about the seller of them on flee bay. What's best paint or vinyl and where is good to purchase? Many thanks guys
  20. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, Am new to the Forum ,could any one let me know from where i can buy a Headlight metal grill protector for my latest aquisition 2002 Africa Twin .Thanks great forum !! John Ps seller has to be able to ship to MALTA as thats were i live !
1-20 of 33 Results