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  1. XR250R Lowering kit

    Hi all i need a lowering kit for my friends 2002 Honda XR250R does anyone have one to sell or knows who sells them please? [email protected] Thanks in advance.
  2. Wanted: XL700 Standard Screen

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a standard XL 700 screen (or even a link to somewhere that sells them)... My XL700 came with an aftermarket that I'm not too fond of, so looking to get back to the standard setup. I'm located in SW London and happy to collect or pay postage. nathan
  3. Please explain eBay

    I don't get how selling expensive things works. I thought eBay takes 10%. So, when someone sells a bike and says pay £100 to PayPal and cash on collection, does eBay not charge 10% of the whole transaction, or 10% of the £100? If it is the whole transaction, why do people not just say pay...
  4. Wanted: Set of smoked or clear indicator lenses for RD04 Africa Twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a set of smoked lenses ideally but would consider clear if that's what is going. If anyone has a set for sale or can point to a place that sells them for a reasonable price that would be most appreciated :)
  5. Anybody know a company that sells land cheap

    I was wondering, seen as I have just given birth to my 56model xr125. I live next to a dene, but it is where Durham police practice on there trails bikes.:toothy7::toothy7: