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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi, Can anyone tell me wether the engine takes semi-synthentic or fully synthetic oil? I can see that it takes 10w40 but what do people reccomend on here? Thanks Stewart Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys I have just had a rebore on my 92 Donnie. What oil should I be using to bed the rings and bore. Should I stay away from semi synthetic?, Should I use some cheap oil for 500 miles then change filter and oil for some semi synthetic? Your thoughts please
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Givi T213 I think they are, soft pannier frames used but in good condition, come complete with the indicator relocating brackets. Also some throw over semi rigid panniers for the above, as new. £35 for the frames £35 for the panniers Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
  4. Africa Twin
    Anyone had experience with using Smith & Allan oil in their (old) Africa Twin? Smith & Allan Motorcycle Oil 10w-40 Semi Synthetic | Buy oil, lubricants, greases and more from Smith and Allan Seems to meet all the right standards, etc., but at less than £3 per litre when delivered in a 20 litre...
  5. XL
    Rebuild is almost finished and engine is back in one piece and in the frame so its time for the oil, going to use 10/40 but not sure whether to use mineral, semi synthetic or fully synthetic, as the oils about at the time of production were mineral based thought I'd use that but open to...
  6. Africa Twin
    Evening all, Done about 800 miles on a fresh oil and filter change done by the previous owner. The oil is still looks as good as new but it needs a small top up but the previous owner cannot remember what oil he used. So not sure if it was mineral, semi or fully synthetic. What oil should i...
  7. CRF Technical Specs
    hi guys, iv just bought a 05 crf450r and its the first time iv owned a crosser and i want to do a oil change on both sides! whats best ? im thinking castrol power 1 semi 10/40, thanks chris
  8. Helmets
    I've put my Arai Tour X3 into semi retirement after buying a new Tour X4 at the weekend. I haven't worn it in anger yet, it's still in the box. I've got a Yellow pinlock I'm going to fit to it whilst the visor is brand new. Here it is;
  9. Discounts / Deals
    Halfords are selling Castrol oils cheaply both 4 ltr the semi-synthetic Power one for £23-09 Fully synthetic for £25-89 No idea how long this runs.
  10. Bodgers Corner
    No doubt been done before, they are very effective in this bitter weather :o Required materials; 2 x 2L Semi Skimmed Milk countainers 6 x Zip Ties 1 x Pair of scissors Result;
  11. Chatter
    Just bought 4 litres of Carlube R 10w-40 Semi-synthetic oil in Morrisons Petrol station for £12 odd. Looks a good deal.:thumbup:
  12. Mechanical Advice
    It's so quiet on here. So,,, tell me which oil that's the best and why! Synthetic, Semi-synthetic, or just the old ex Dinosaur based oil? Have You noticed any difference between different oils, with the exemption of the size of hole in the wallet they make when you purchase them. That ought...
  13. XR Technical Specs
    Which oil do i use in my xr250? semi synthetic or fully synthetic. My bike is a 1996 XR250 L Baja, with electric start, i think it is an import.
  14. XR to the forum.recently rebuilt my xr etc.started it up and leave it running and after a while the light on my trail vapor comes on.could it be the oil? Iv used halfords semi syn 10w40 but it api sl. Book says api sf or sg.would this matter
  15. Dominator / FMX
    Am i right in saying tha the semi circled clamps that force the he ader pipes into the exhaust.ports.are thry called 'collits'?
  16. Mechanical Advice
    I was thinking of doing an oil change on my 600 TA in the next few weeks and wandering which is the best type of oil to go for an old TA and if it's worth going for one of those magnetic sump plugs and a Champion oil filter? I believe looking at the Haynes book of lies I will need 2.5 Litres...
  17. Mechanical Advice
    Hi everyone, With kind permission of the owners I'm gonna be posting some current projects on here that RaidXtreme are working on with a view to finding out who's interested if we make these projects sellable and especially if anyone has any ideas for either the current projects or any new...
1-17 of 18 Results