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  1. Help! My senile old dad has broken his Africa Twin!

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, i'm Ricks son, Joe, and after spending many hours working on his AT trying to get it running right i've still had no luck, so thought id put a post up on here in case anyone had any ideas. Dad is a fairweather rider, so bike was put away before winter running perfectly. Over a month...
  2. Well, I've gone and done. I've bought a SCOOTER !

    Impending senile decay and general decrepitude have finally brought it home to me, I've gone and bought a scooter. Before the before the brickbats start flying let me explain. It is evident that I won't be able to throw a leg over the Transalp for very much longer, if at all. So... I have...
  3. Clutch - help, what am I missing

    I've clearly missed something that has me well and truly stumped. Have rebuilt my clutch, so I now have a clutch basket on the end of the gear shaft, it has a ring of teeth that connects to the crank shaft.......... Then clutch plate with the screw threads in, then add all the steel and cork...
  4. How in the hell???????????

    I swear I am going senile or just plain stupid. Sitting here 10 minutes ago, trawling XRV and updating some eBay stuff when the phone rings. I can hear it, but I can't see it. Ring ring, turfing stuff over looking for it, ring ring, I can't find it. It's not like I've got a massive...
  5. National rally from above

    Past National Meets
    After the long walk up the hillside opposite I managed to get this 'aerial' shot of the campsite.......... For those that didn't make it, and those too intoxicated/senile to remember, we are halfway up on the left. Boyd
  6. Hate, greed, fear..the lure of the dark side was too strong!

    Well I have finally done it! I have sucumb to the dark side!! (R1150RT) I hate not being able to ride at more than 70 for an hour without getting numb hands and feet, and wet t'boot! I hate cleaning my @!! It gets in behind everything! I want it all! weather protection...... adjustable...