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  1. 1985 XR500R, Touchy throttle, any suggestions?

    Just bought a decent XR500r, it runs great but the throttle is very touchy or sensitive off idle. Any suggestions?
  2. A Yank builds a chain oiler

    Bodgers Corner
    I finished my chainoiler bodge. I put 200 miles on it today and it works surprisingly well. What it ISN'T is pretty. My bike is a 1990 Transalp with many Africa Twin bits. It's like this because the ATs were never imported to cruiser-happy America and poor sods like us have to build our own...
  3. Ok, a few to get us started ;-)

    Bodgers Corner
    Woooo, my own special corner on the site :rolleyes: Here's my 'sh*t kit', left in place for the winter, keeps salt & crap from all the inaccessible places around the engine - fine for ambient temps up to 15 to 18 deg C. Ok, here's a home made sump protector, made from stiff alloy sheet...
  4. Hopton -on sea Week of 22nd-26th Oct

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    We'll be there - freezin our sensitive bits off in a rusty caravan held together by spit and chewing gum :D In a spirit of selfless sarifice I'm ferrying the stuff we need on the bike while they slum in on a train. :rolleyes: Soooo .... they basically fell for my cunning plan to get the...
  5. Im in the numpty world of electrics

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Is it normal (well as normal as the @ world can be) for the near side headlight to be not as bright as the right hand lamp whilst on full beam. This has been bugging me for some time now and with my extra sensitive super man like eyes is really beginning to p**s me off. Am I really...
  6. XR400 Spark Plug

    The XR has a cold spark plug for hot running. The chap I bought it from put in for my journey back home (80 miles including motorways). Is the XR that sensitive? Can I just change back to the standard one? How would it get on if I spent the whole day when it was hot green laning. Should I keep...
  7. Lure of the orange beast

    Other Bikes
    I have just got back from my local KTM dealer where I test rode a 990 Adventure. WOW - what a bike. PLUS points - fantastic engine, pulls really hard in any gear, sounds great, even thought it a lot taller than my TA the balance is fantastic, within a couple of minutes I was quite happy to stop...
  8. Anyone know about indicator relays

    Mechanical Advice
    Not a TA or AT problem but on my son's Honda city fly. One of the rear indicators is broken so we replaced both with a pair of cheap Motrax one's (£9.99). What I didn't realise was that these have small 2.3watt bulbs and flashed too fast. So, he took 'em back and replaced them with some...
  9. First 6 months on the Vara !!!

    Just noticed i have had my 2000 carby varadero for 6 months now. What have i found out 1 Preload adjusted to 18 clicks, works just lovely 2 Sensitive to tyre presssures when they are flatter than reccomended even a little becuase i have not bothered to do them, bike feels shite 3 Front spark...
  10. Test Ride

    Just got back from test riding a 990 Adventure and 1200 GS. Overall, was pleased to be back on my AT for the ride home!! 990 throttle WAY to sensitive and felt the GS very stiff on corners and a bit twitchy on gear change (being a flat twin I assume). Friend came with me on his Blackbird and on...
  11. Free BHP!

    I've seen many posts about tuning these motorcycles. Try setting your throttle free-play then 're-gripping'. I first read about this in DIRTBIKE magazine in the (19!) '80s. You grip the throttle further round (clockwise from the right), thus when you twist it you have a longer range of...
  12. Brake light switch

    Anyone else struggling with the rear brake light switch ? Mines been dogdy since new, Honda even replaced it at the first service. Now it's MOT time (thursday) I'm having trouble getting it to work. The switch seems too sensitive to adjust, I can get it working, go for a ride and the brake...
  13. Tyre question

    Africa Twin
    My newly acquired XRV is fitted with a Michelin Anakee at the front and Bridgstone Trail Wing 152 on the back. They both have plenty of tread left but I found them very sensitive to the road surfaces, especialy here in the Highlands of scotland you do encounter some gravel and mud and bad road...
  14. Screen and crashbars...again

    Africa Twin
    When I first got my AT I replaced the taller screen with a standard one as it caused a lot of turbulence (nodding dog syndrome). I also removed the engine bars as vibration levels seemed to be reduced by doing so. This morning, don't ask me why, I put the taller screen and engine bars back on...