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  1. Hi guys

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    I have a 2000 750 had it since sept been working on it for last 6 months and riding it really enjoying the bike I live near York
  2. The Paddy Dakar

    Charity Calendar
    Hey lads, just a heads up.* Registration for this year's Paddy Dakar is open.* Dates are set for 29th Sept- 1st Oct.* Follow link to register.* There is a ferry discount code for anyone coming across to join us. Cheers Sent from my...
  3. A month in March

    I posted this on the Hubb....thought I'd share the link here in case anyone fancies it. Timing is not nailed on, but more a guide, and I'm flexible on duration. Would like to stick to Feb/March though,as I'd like to do another month trip in Sept/Oct to the Balkans/Romania. A month in March -...
  4. STOLEN Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, Not so much a thread, but our beloved AT was stolen on 17 Sept from Pembury, Kent. :(:( It's got a broken speedo so if you know of anyone trying to fix it or sell it, let me know! Also, it's got gorgeous ohlins shocks, so if you come across any of those being flogged... Reg N185 XDC. Ta...
  5. Nice 1990 RD04 Restoration in CMM magazine

    Africa Twin
    Picked the Sept. issue of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics mag up the other day, and there's a good report on a chap in Wales who's done a nice resto on an RD04L. Mostly a standard refit and refurb, but a cracking livery conversion from "shell-suit" to HRC R/W/B :) All that's best in modern...
  6. This sunday 14th sept, Haynes museum nearl Yeovil

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I should be there with my RD400
  7. ABR Ullapool Rally 27th Sept

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Lads & Lassies Just a quick note to say that the ABR Ullapool Rally is only 2 weeks away. Everyone is welcome to come to the event , you do not even have to join ABR , just post your name here and I will pop you on the list . All the info can be found on this section of the ABR Forum ...
  8. Camping v's Accommodation - travel to Romania

    Below is the rough route and I am lucky enough to have about 7 weeks to do it starting 3rd Sept. I'm having last minute questions as whether I should take camping equipment or not. It was the original idea, but it would sure lighten the load which is pretty extreme with tent, chair, sleeping...
  9. Gromit Unleashed

    Yesterday my son and I went to hunt 'gromits' around Bristol. There are 80 of them all individually decorated and placed in and around Bristol and maps and even a phone app are available for you to capture as many as you can. At the end of the event (8th Sept) they will be auctioned and the...
  10. Bike Safe Workshop Sept 21st - London

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Guys If anyone is interest I have a group booking for a workshop on Saturday 21st September at the London Gateway Services, at the moment the group consists of me :( so if any of you would like to join in it is 35 quids (reduced from 45 as it's a group booking). Let me know if you are...
  11. Cycle ride to Paris

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I know this is a big ask, but I'm doing this in Sept for BHF If any one would like to give a £1.00 or £2.00 or even join me. a big thank you. wayne nicholls is fundraising for British Heart...
  12. Charging flat battery.

    Mechanical Advice
    As usual, Transalp stuck in garage mid sept while I concentrate on preparing Cab (and finance) for annual replating and overhaul. Connected my XS 'smart' charger to it and it won't start to charge at all (3.2V). Not the first time this has happened to one of my batteries but the second time...
  13. Unexpected Bike Display (Lancs)

    Other Bikes
    Went round to Winfields in Haslingden last week, just looking for a hat for the wean (while visiting the in-laws in Ramsbottom - hurr-hurr...) and had a pleasant surprise looking at a fine display of nearly 50 bikes in their cafe, of all places... eg) http:// Apparently, these are a 'small...
  14. Mudwiz's winning slow ride

    National Meets
    All done in his long coms! (Click on picture)
  15. Campsite in Fort William Suggestions please

    Africa Twin
    A few of us Hereford Herberts are heading upto to Scotland on 15th Sept. Can anyone recommend a biker friendly campsite in Fort William or Kinlochleven. Preferably with a pub (or one nearby)!:) Cheers, Paul
  16. Sold: Suzuki DR 350 SEW

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling the DR due to it being a rather nice unused garage ornament. Pity as its a fabulous little bike, I would love to keep it just to look at but lack of space and to be honest I would prefer to see it off and being used It is an R reg.... so Boboneleg once informed me the best of the...
  17. Open invite to poland

    Right Guys I have dates 30th Aug to 7th Sept off for a trip. Crossing at dover heading into poland to Oswiecim for a visit to Auschwitz. then onto Krakow for Schindlers factory, then if there's time and all is well over to germany to Berchtesgaden for the birds nest and back. No real plans I...
  18. If you go to one event this year

    Make it the National meeting in Norfolk 7-9 September. Just in case new members have not seen this, please make sure as many people as possible are aware. It's gonna be a great weekend.
  19. Buying pre-registered - Anything to look out for?

    Morning all I've had a Varadero 125 for around 5 years, have just passed my test and I'm very keen on the Transalp. There is a dealer near to me with a couple for sale including a sept 2011 pre-reg, zero miles, basically brand new for just under 6k. I'm, well tempted as I'd be saving 800 or so...
  20. For Sale: Suzuki DR350

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Selling the little DR as its not my bag R reg 350 SEW model Im the 3rd owner and have all paperwork it came with from Taylor Racing in Chippenham MOT/Tax till Sept has original hand book Fitted with genuine Suzuki rear rack MT21s fitted with 800 miles use mileage currently 4600, but will go up...