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  1. Mechanical Advice
    I have removed my fuel tap off my CG125 tank, and the in the hole where the fuel tap goes, there seems to be a plastic insert (looks like a tube). Can this be removed? Need to get everything removed before i flush out tank.
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Has anyone rebuilt a dominator oil pump? I have 2 pumps neither one works. Is it a worthwhile to buy the new inserts? I have been looking for a replacement oil pump but after wasting more money On a second hand pump, I think either a new pump or new inserts is the way to go Your advise on this...
  3. Transalp
    I bought a new (to me) topbox and it came with a standard monolock plate. Apparently there is a specific plate for the Transalp 650 called E217, it also fits the Varadero. Is this correct? Did both bike use the same rack? Anyway, this specific plate is the one I already have but with some metal...
  4. XRV Swap Shop
    Just got my first AT and the seat has a gel insert which raises it up to slightly more than what I'm comfortable with at 5'10". Just wondered if anyone wanted to swap for a standard seat or even better a lower seat if there is one. Or I'm willing to buy a lower seat if anyone has one for sale...
  5. Varadero
    Hi all, After fitting a new engine I now have a problem with the temperature gauge, it's stays on 1 bar. The engine runs 100%, the water pump and thermostat are fine. I have a spare temperature senser so I pulled off the wire from the bikes sensor and plugged in the spare one and put it in a...
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi I have an rd7a (2003) and im in the process of a carb overhaul. Can't get the friggen needle out of the needle holder (black slide block that's attached to the diaphragm) The heinz manual say insert a 4mm screw, and then just pull. The screw goes in happy, but the needle holder seems...
  7. Dominator / FMX
    need help please. I was adjusting the air screw on my carb today it was stuck solid, so I tried to ease it out bit of wd40 , Disaster struck I broke the threaded insert now carb u/s, tu flu***in spades. So need another body a I have ALL the internals . can you help ? Believe me I have a...
  8. Transalp
    I need some help for my trusty 1999 Transalp, I am doing a refurb to get her back to how she should look, I am in need of a suspension linkage complete with good bearing already inserted if possible. or if any other TA lovers out there now of another compatible linkage that fit straight on the...
  9. XR
    Hi guys I'm back on an XR400 (2001) I think :-/ I am green laning and want to know what the best jets to use are? Standard pipe with the standard insert REMOVED (can't believe I found a bike with that still in it tbh) and a bit of open pipe bolted in to keep it a tad quieter. snorkel...
  10. XL
    hi just rebuilt my 125r,rebore piston rings valve guides valves and seals, cracked the top of the exhaust guide when inserting for about 5mm where the stem seal goes, only run engine for 2 miles, and it is smoking abit , should i run her a few more miles or should i have changesd the exhaust...
  11. Chatter
    Hi have just done a quick ride report and thought I would do it in word insert the pics straight after the writing then tried to load into thread using the paste from word but the pics dont appear do I have to use text boxes or what? help appreciated......Thx
  12. Varadero
    Hi Guys, went to change the screen yesterday for a taller one, removed the screw covers, undid 3 screws no bother the 4th a completely different story! As ususal it's a screew that you cannot get to from the back, the lower n/s one, and no matter how much persuaion i gave it it would not come...
  13. Transalp
    On striping down my 1987 600's rear suspension I noticed only one of the three metal inserts in the rubber bushes will rotate (the one with the grease nipple) is this correct or should all three rotate ?
  14. Chatter
    My helmet needs a new visor as the 2 that it came with when I bought the helmet are quite marked now. Off I went to the Internet, home of all bargains... Ho bloody Ho. £45...! For a visor!!! And that is without a new Pinlock insert... They must be taking the ****!! Anyone found a good deal...
  15. Chatter
    Looking for a new visor for my shoei xr1100 with a pinlock insert. So anyone know of a decent place? Online or near London Cheers :thumbup:
  16. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am going with some friends from Oakley motorcycle club - Beds. A few have done a previous off road day. (As have I. but elsewhere at Trailworld). Just wondered if anyone else has been there, and what they thought of it? I am riding up there on my Sertao, but NOT going around on my bike...
  17. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I've still got the original tyres on my Sertao. What are the best tyres for sometimes off road green laning, but still going on motorways? Twinduro types? Any suggestions.
  18. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I've just posted my ride report about the ABR meet in Ullapool and our adventures over on ABR under the heading "To Ullapool .... and back." Don't know how to insert a link but should be easy enough to find. Ian
  19. Africa Twin
    Hi, Is the choke nipple bit supposed to slide into the hole, or does it just press against it. Maybe a dumb question, but when i srew my choke cable in on the carbs I am unable to pull the lever. I have taken pictures but I don't know how to insert them.
  20. Africa Twin
    Cant seem to insert images, format changed? or is it me or my computer. help?