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  1. CRF1000L Service Manual

    Africa Twin
    My CRF1000L is now out of warranty so kicking dealer servicing into touch :p Having just clocked 16000 miles a valve check was due (££££££££). So I reviewed the Honda Service Manual - pretty poor, watched some YouTube videos and then came across a fantastic service manual from Marks Motorcycle...
  2. Thinking of selling

    I fancy a change and I am thinking of putting my 2009/10 XL700VA Transalp up for sale. It's in good condition and regularly maintained. Lastbig service was undertaken by the dealer and re-set the valve clearances. It's got 67,000+ on the clocks. Has the OEM Honda topbox on and is in the...
  3. Swap: 2015 ktm duke 200 with dyna boost chip (unfitted)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am looking for a early 80s xr200r rolling chassis or full bike to direct swap for my duke, only bought the duke as couldlnt find the xr i wanted, duke sounds nuts and looks pretty radical with a rat look paint job and after market parts, needsa few tghings for first mot in october, just...
  4. For Sale: SLR 650

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have owned this bike for the past 3 years and has been 100% reliable. It was first registered in Dec 1998 and is MOT'd until 16 Aug 2019. It is fantastic condition for its age and has a full service history with receipts to back this up. The bike was garaged for many years and recommissioned...
  5. XL700 Mainstand

    I've just had to have my XL700 Transalp in for a service. They've informed me that the main stand is knocking against the frame and the cat because it is missing a "bump stop". Must admit that I recall it banging when you put it up but think it has done that since the day I bought it. Could...
  6. MOT history check

    Africa Twin
    While checking when things run out on the bikes and cars i noticed you can check the history of the MOT's back as far as 2006 and found in 2008 (before i owned it) my RD07 failed due to the headlight aim too low how petty is that, the place i take mine to would have adjusted that free of charge...
  7. XRV Spark Plug Upgrade??

    Africa Twin
    So the standard plug for the XRV is DPR8EA-9, You can also get iridium plugs DPR8EIX-9. But there also exists the laser iridium plug that is the best plug available on the market, the new CRF Africa Twin uses this plug and the service intervals for spark plugs is 48,000km Does anybody here...
  8. Translap "pops"

    Translap "pops" ( SOLVED !!!) Got 2 problems and here is the story ...English is not my native language so be nice to me .... Trasnsalp 650 in perfect condition 165.000 klm all service on time carburetors cleaned very very well 2000 klm ago by authorized service center . 1) At any...
  9. Looking for Front Disks replacement ideas! (Fork service Kit also)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm mid rebuild of my RD07a and I need to buy new front brake disks. My current disks have huge gouges/grooves in them from the prev owner. I was hoping to buy OEM ones 2nd hand. Does anyone have any spare or have a link to a pair? If not I was going to buy these Brembo ones from...
  10. In need of an Africa Twin overhaul specialist mechanic

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I have a W plate RD07 and it is not a well machine. I have owned it for 12 years and for 2 of those years it sat unused due to work and family commitments. I got it back on the road 2 years ago with the helps of my usual mobile mechanic friend but after a year it started to lose power...
  11. Time for a service

    Dominator / FMX
    Quick question folks, i am about to do an oil and filter change to my 89 and cannot remember if it was sump first then downtube or vice versa. It was only four months ago too :( and did i, do i dip the filter in fresh oil or put in dry ? Bloody hell i'm doting :rolleyes:
  12. For Sale: 2001 XRV 750 20000 miles 2 ownwrs

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    This bike is in better than showroom condition. I have stripped off any corroded parts and powder coated them. Also, changed most bolts with stainless steel, where permissible. Almost new tyres, new battery, re-spoked rear wheel, full service. Centre stand, 2 keys and owners manual. It runs and...
  13. Bashplate frame mounts broken, alternatives?. RD07A

    Africa Twin
    Hei, So I just recently bought an AT RD07A, traded up from an older Transalp. I enjoyed the last few months of the season although I knew work needed to be done on her. So new wheels bearing FandB, brake calipers overhauled, new chainset, new tyres and a well needed service all carried out. I...
  14. Main/Center Stand help please?

    Africa Twin
    Hi All. I acquired a centre stand for my RD07 yey! But now I am scratching my head a bit and hope someone can help with a couple of Qs... I searched t’Internet but thanks to online image hosting service change, most images seem to have dissappeared. [So... sorry to resurrect the old...
  15. RD07A Tripmaster Refurb.

    Africa Twin
    Just a quick note to relay my experience with my tripmaster repair. My 2002-reg RD07A Tripmaster started to show "ghost" characters. As well as the true LCD character displayed I was also seeing the remaining elements of the character in the display - very confusing and difficult to distinguish...
  16. Advice Needed on Unusual Fuel Pump Failure

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, On my RD03 I have the original Mitsubishi fuel pump, I changed the contact points after 70,000km as part of a service even tho they where in working condition. Now there is about 20,000km on the new points. The problem is twice the pump has stopped working for a unknown reason, once...
  17. Braided lines? Yay or Nay? If yay, which ones?

    Africa Twin
    Alright lads, I'm giving the brake calipers and the brake system a good cleaning and service. All I have to replace are a few rubber boots. Happy days. NOW, I want to get braided performance brake lines. I hear with new disks, pads and braided lines the bike stops great! Is it as simple as...
  18. Service Manual for '86 XR200R?

    Hi y'all, I'm looking for an online PDF for a 1986 XR200R service manual. I've scraped the internet to the best of my abilities, but have found nothing. Could anyone provide one? Thanks!
  19. XR250 rear wheel!

    Just giving my XR250 a service after finding her again after I sold her 15 years ago. Mortified to find that the rear rim has split! Cracked right through!!:( Has anyone on here got a spare? Or could tell me what else would fit? 1988 rim stamped J18 X 1.85. 587 DOT
  20. RD04 Needle jet holder. Which one is with 10 holes?

    Africa Twin
    Hi I have a XRV RD04 1991. Reading all service manuals and visiting all websites in the world, don't clarify which needle jet holder goes where. One have 6 holes - one have 10 holes. My logic tells me, that the one with 10 holes is in carburettor 1, since its jetted a little larger than...