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  1. poor starting on cold damp mornings

    XL700VA9 so not old but starts and stalls on cold & damp mornings unless revved a few times. Once running its fine and the batteries good and will keep turning it over until it starts. It's supposed to have been serviced but I'm suspecting plugs and/or air filter are the cause, what plugs do...
  2. nothing over tickover help HELP HELP HELP I NEED SOMEBODY, NOT JUST ANYBODY

    Africa Twin
    started fine, 3 miles down the road, engine died, tickover only. full tank of juice, fuel cap removed, both chokes blanked-off, recent new fuel filter. She'll start, but cuts out when revved. Don't understand because of the full tank & she starts. 1st week at new job & day off already, bike...
  3. XR400r Rear shock service wanted

    Any body know where i can get a 2000 XR400R rear shock serviced local to Manchester at handy money.... Just bought the bike and am trying to keep the cost down as i dont know what else i need to spend yet lol Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers in advance Dave
  4. Whats it worth????

    Putting my 98' XR600 up for sale soon and was wondering what would be a realistic price to ask. Its done 2600 miles and has original front tyre, bars, grips and plastics. It will have a new mot and has recently been serviced. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi there, just got a Transalp 700

    I have been a member for a while now, not very active recently, I still own an xe400, cracking bike, but have got a 700 transalp on its way, high miles at going on 50000, but well serviced, I will no doubt have some silly questions to ask about add ons for the bike, it is stock other than an...
  6. Not sure where to post this . . . .

    Hi there Not sure exactly where this goes, can't seem to find a sale/wanted bit just for the Varadero. I am selling my 11 plate xl1000v, just under 10k on the clock. Lots of extra included. If there is any interest I am happy to put up a full list of whats fitted to her and some pics if i can...
  7. Transalp ABS 2008 starting problems.

    Hello all. I've owned this bike since new and have 45,000 km up so far. I love it and am pleased with it's ease of use and reliability, with one exception. About twice a year on average, and this has been going on ever since new,- the bike will not start. The motor spins over ok but will only...
  8. Clutch change..

    Africa Twin
    My RD07 is going to need a clutch by the looks of things, Any pointers on what make & cost? Been standing for some time, just serviced with fresh oil & slips under load. Going to strip it out and take it from there....
  9. Brakes as good as new at last

    With all the messing around I've had with getting braided front brake hoses to fit I have decided to take it into a shop and get them made to measure, it's the only way they are ever going to be right, I have tried 2 companies that are supposed to be at the top of their game and yet neither...
  10. running on one cylinder!

  11. Superb condition bike and I'm back!

    Dominator / FMX
    Woohoo, bought a Dommie today :blob7: I've never seen a bike in such great condition. One owner, used for a once a year trip and serviced again after each trip. Couple of pictures attached and the condition is faaaaar better than the pictures show:D These are pictures from the ad. The clocks...
  12. For Sale: montesa 4rt 250

    For Sale / Wanted
  13. Africa twin splatters at medium revs

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys I need some help with my twin Had her properly serviced and repaired after a cdi burned on her due to corroded wires Replaced all coroded wires,rectifier,installed a facet fuel pump The bike starts easy,but at medium revs the engine starts to splatter,if i gear up its stops till i reach...
  14. Oil for the AT.

    Africa Twin
    Not had it long but I doubt it has been serviced for a while. Looking here seems to be some fair prices. But oil does my swede in, so many flavours. What does anybody reccomend. I know cheap as...
  15. A great service From Vines Motorad

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I had my bike serviced last Friday and it was discovered that the Headrace Bearings were notchy. Cost of Replacement £200+, I queried the fact that 9000 miles was a short time for the bearings to last under normal conditions, the bike is three months out of warranty. I have just had conformation...
  16. Replacement front calipers?

    Have trawled these pages and found nothing. I had a sticky caliper earlier this year and had it serviced only to be told the alloy was crumbling and could eventually reveal the dust seal. Question is this - are there any better quality calipers for a 650v5? if so from where and how much...
  17. Running slightly hesitantly ...

    My 1997 XR400 went to Spain last week for offroad stuff. Superb trip. Have only had the bike a few weeks. I've noticed that when running on Tarmac 50-55mph there seems to be a slight hesitancy in the engine which is not there at say 45mph. What should I be looking for? Bike has just been...
  18. Cheap hack?

    I've been watching this with interest, but its too far away for me. I've ridden a couple of these (and a Grand Canyon) when one of my bikes was being serviced in the past, and they go quite well, and are pretty light. My only bad memory was the power of the headlamp, but its an easy upgrade...
  19. spotted on eaby.....

    over the lunch break.... 2001 HONDA XL1000V VARADERO NEW MOT GREAT CONDITION JUST SERVICED | eBay
  20. 16K service

    How vital is it to do the 16k mile valve clearance check/fix on the Vara if the bike has been regularly serviced prior to this time? I know that the bucket and shim setup is very robust but dare it be left for say, 18-20K?