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  1. Severn Bridge Toll Booths: Woo hoo!!!

    Approached a toll booth that had no queue (amazing), the attendant noticed me coming and keyed in my free passage, barrier rises while I'm still approaching, I scarcely drop below 20 mph and I'm through. The exit from the toll plaza is a w-i-d-e expanse of tarmac! How can you possibly not cane...
  2. Annual Welsh U turn convention:we need more threads Severn Bridge possie thread :)

    Welsh Invasion
    Nuff said. Anyone wanting to meet at Severn View Services, Aust for the ride to Pembroke Dock, please meet at 11-ish, ready to leave at noon. We can stop for a snack later. Please note that Severn View Services are on the M48; after the M4/M5 interchange as you go down the hill you MUST bear...