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  1. Sold: Suzuki DR 350 SEW

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling the DR due to it being a rather nice unused garage ornament. Pity as its a fabulous little bike, I would love to keep it just to look at but lack of space and to be honest I would prefer to see it off and being used It is an R reg.... so Boboneleg once informed me the best of the...
  2. A contrast in DR

    If anyones on the lookout for a tidy trallie take your choice SUZUKI DR 350 SEW BLACK 1998 | eBay and the same thing on a more expensive scale 1999 SUZUKI DR 350 SEX BLACK CLEAN LOW MILEAGE BIKE | eBay
  3. For Sale: Suzuki DR350

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Selling the little DR as its not my bag R reg 350 SEW model Im the 3rd owner and have all paperwork it came with from Taylor Racing in Chippenham MOT/Tax till Sept has original hand book Fitted with genuine Suzuki rear rack MT21s fitted with 800 miles use mileage currently 4600, but will go up...
  4. Sold: ARD Case pannier liners for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD Well my bikes gone, the panniers have gone but I still have a matched pair ( uneven large/ small width) ARD Case pannier bag /liners. they will (or should) also fit TT cases and possibly others these are good quality heavy duty material, multiple zipped & velcro outer pockets...
  5. Nomandy LE adventures of Alan

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I Have no pictures yet but they will follow. A few of us set off last week for a re-enactment of the Normandy landing, Le Gordonzola and his personal assistant Le Jamie Lee, Le Ben, La Debs, La Sharrie and Le daughter, Le Mike and La Sian, Le pierre Vader and Le Renne J. We left Blity on...
  6. something for high-visibility freaks

    Electroluminescent Safety Vest
  7. Work your iPod touch or iPhone

    Bodgers Corner
    Do you have an ipod touch or iphone? Fed up with having to take your gloves off just to work the touch screen? Well read on my friends..... An easy solution is to sew conductive thread into the finger and/or thumb of your glove. Now here's the science..... The iPhone or iPod touch screen...
  8. Patches

    No not the rubber type, the sew on jobbies. At Ride To The Wall majority of the guys there were from the Hardly brigade and the waistcoat covered in patches seemed to be obligatory. At overlander meets it seems stickers on the bike and panniers are more the norm. I’ve got patches from...
  9. For Sale: Camera Bag - Hama TrackPack II DF 50 Colt

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a spare camera bag that came with my Nikon D5000 that I don't need. It's a Hama TrackPack Colt judging by the photo's. - Hard-wearing colt case made of polytex - Colour: black - Guarantee period: 3 years - All materials are free from AZO - For digital SLR cameras - Front pocket...
  10. For Sale: Africa Twin patch

    For Sale / Wanted
    Here I have for sale a sew-on patch of an Africa Twin. £2.50 inc P&P to any UK address. cheers, Bob.
  11. For Sale: RD 11 stuff

    For Sale / Wanted
    Metal saddlebag holders. Only used for half a season. Work quite well if you dont want to get your bags burned on the exhaust. Original price was 120€. 50€ Honda touring screen scratched due to an attempt to get all those dead flies off. :D and a minor part of the holder broken off, but that...
  12. For Sale: tank bag

    For Sale / Wanted
    Diablo magnetic tank bag - black heavy duty nylon (cordura?) - approx 15L + 10L spiral zip extension - 10 strong magnets - A4 transparent map case cover - waterproof rain cover, sewn on at rear, drawstring to secure it, stows in velcro pouch - carrying handle + quick release handlebar strap -...
  13. What year is it? HELP!!!

    Africa Twin
    I'm a bit confused on what year my bike is. The frame and engine are stamped RD04 and RD04E. The dealership I bought some service parts from told me it was a 93 when I gave him the VIN number off the frame. How do you tell what year it really is. I bought the bike here in China with no title so...
  14. XT-Z 660 spark plug help

    Hi Guys, after a bit of (prob real basic) info please. I'm swapping my plug for an Iridium (helped a lot on an F650 GSPD I had)to improve start up etc I can only find my metric feeler guages (so what size gap do folk recommend- inc Yam!) And what size spark plug spanner (I can only find my huge...
  15. For Sale: Belstaff Pioneer Trousers - Giants only

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a pair of genuine Belstaff Pioneer XXL trousers in Long fitting for sale. I bought them about 2years ago to go over leather trousers in the winter and only wore them a few times before deciding I didn't really like them worn that way and they are too big otherwise. They have been in...
  16. These might light your fire!

    Mechanical Advice
    Kaoko luggage bags now available in the UK. Although the tent/water bottle bag is designed specifically to fit BMWs, I'm sure you'll find a way to attach them to other makes.
  17. Shark Helmet S500 Air, size Small 55-56

    For Sale / Wanted
    Those who dare venture into the Varadero section will know that I am taking a break from motorbikes for a while. To this end I am selling some gear off that won't be getting used for a while. All items are open to sensible offers, if I accept your offer then I will hold the item for you until...
  18. 2000 Africa trip write-up: Part 1

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    2000 Africa trip write-up: Part 1 & 2 Part 1: Preparations. 2000 is a long time ago but as far as I remember, preparations took us about half a year, depending on when you start counting of course. My travel mate (I'll call him Gerben because that's his name) had long ago decided on taking a...
  19. Calling all crash monkeys...

    Africa Twin
    Anyone got any damaged RD07 or RD07A panels cluttering up their garage/front room? I want to scruff-up my shiny 2002 bike before taking it to Africa - partly so I don't destroy a perfectly good bike, partly to make it less appealing to thieves, partly to make it look slightly less like I must...