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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know where to get hold of a genuine Honda clutch cable for my Dommie ,all the ones on the internet seem to be cheap copies and something that is called a Slinky Glide which sounds like some kind of sex lubricant.or a kinky condom and I dont want that on my bike.:D:D:D Does anyone...
  2. Chatter
    euro sport ch 401 on my telly tonight 4/01/2016 @ 10.30 pm & 12.30 am tomorrow @ 10.00 pm & 12.20am I haven't seen it yet . I hope Honda are winning but its probably them orange bastards KTM as usual :D . I looked at the results and Honda only won 3 back in the 80's but took a break for...
  3. Chatter
    I have been fettling bikes for most of my life. the variety of fixtures and fittings does my swede in. Here is a useful looking guide to some of the more esoteric types. As a biker and fixer and semi engineer it never ceases to amaze me the variety of fixings and fittings available. We have set...
  4. Chatter
    Boys or girls? Presumably the headline writers would have a field day. Rolf Harris appears in court on sex offence charges - Channel 4 News
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    Seeking a numberplate/taillight holder to fit my RD07. You know the black plastic thing that holds the tail light and sticks down out of the back of the bike. Am attemptng to sex up the look of my bike and want to give it a shorter rear mudguard/numberplate/taillight holder/rallye look. So...
  6. Chatter
    BBC News - Devizes man Robert Newman jailed for sex with goat
  7. Africa Twin
    I have recently had two women I know, both married get really excited that I have an AT. 'Oh!! an Africa twin' and a weird lustful look in their eyes. My wife likes the bike and agreed with the other womens. Should we keep this a secret benefit of AT ownership. I have never had a member of the...
  8. Chatter
    Rider Safety Film Part 1 - YouTube Part 2 Rider Safety Film Part 2 - YouTube Some pretty interesting views on the fair sex.
  9. Chatter
    Steptoe and Son's Wilfrid Brambell is latest BBC star accused of child sex abuse | Mail Online One of my all time faveourite comedies is Steptoe & Son... I refuse to beleive it! Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  10. Africa Twin
    And its not the way i was told :toothy10: well I'm in the countyside as I type having a word with the rabbits yep I had the bike on resurve all the time lol So number 1 must correct this number 2 slow down a bit as I'm not on the Drz anymore well not today owe yes 150 miles till dry :thumbup:
  11. Chatter
    OMG, I couldn't help but giggle... BBC News - Virginity cream sparks Indian sex debate BBC News - India vagina gel: 'Why the hell should you be tightening anything?' :toothy10:
  12. Suzuki
    If anyones on the lookout for a tidy trallie take your choice SUZUKI DR 350 SEW BLACK 1998 | eBay and the same thing on a more expensive scale 1999 SUZUKI DR 350 SEX BLACK CLEAN LOW MILEAGE BIKE | eBay
  13. Chatter
    to all our female/lady/gentle sex xrv'rs:thumbup:
  14. Chatter
    My mate Steve received a most welcome gift today from He is very pleased and says that he will wear it when we next meet :toothy9: Bob.
  15. Chatter
    Tunnel of Love - Cafe Racer - Kurzfilm von 1977 um das Thema Motorrad und Sex - kultig Video.flv - YouTube Well worth the 12 min. it takes to watch IMHO.
  16. Chatter
    ... because I have just sat on the prototype from Renard Motorcycles, a newly established bike designer company! It is sex on wheels with carbon galore, and a sweet Moto Guzzi lump as the stressed member!! It has a very short wheelbase and weighs in at about 180kg. I want one!! Now... how...
  17. Chatter
    The recent attacks by hackers have uncovered the site owners underground links with Julian Assange and have unlocked a facility to enable me to bring you this underwear wetting filth. I hope you enjoy this visual and aural p0rn fest as much as I did. YouTube - Valentino Rossi makes his...
  18. Chatter
    Another useless piece of research:- :-D
  19. Chatter
    Free Sex and Chocolate. My interest has been peaked. I once read that these are the 3 words in the english language most likely to catch the eye of a reader, and was curious as to how many hits and replies it would get. After stirring a hornets nest with an earlier thread I'll just stick to...
  20. Chatter
    There`s no other explanation for it. Partway through a night of drinking the Devon scrumpy that one of the UKGSers very kindly took to the Llangollywog meeting for me,a chemical reaction must have induced a sex change within me.......:downtown: Nothing I said made any sense I couldn`t...