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  1. Boano RD07 Ivan replica

    Africa Twin
    Have you seen the Boano RD07 Ivan replica? It's one sexy thing
  2. sexy beast / beast's or just nice old bikes on e bay

    Other Bikes
    the idea behind this thread is to bring attention to some fine machines currently on offer on e bay gumtree bike trader or anywhere else be they specials flat trackers street scramblers or just nice old classic bikes and we can chat about them so if you see something cool please add it to the...
  3. Best bike for a broken back

    Africa Twin
    Eight weeks back I had a paragliding accident, fractured a vertebra. Welcome to a whole world of pain, air ambulance, paramedics, the whole caboodle. Made a poor decision, turned towards the hill before I was higher than the hill, splam! heavy landing on my arse. The air bag in my harness saved...
  4. Sexy Italian for BobA

    I know you liked these in Tuscany, well I saw a UK dealer offering this beauty (with chrome crash bars) the other day. IMG_0013 by whealie, on Flickr IMG_0012 by whealie, on Flickr
  5. Hi, i'm back from the dead

    Hi, not been on here for some time as moved house, doing it all up blaa blaa blaa, you know how it is. Any way thought i would post some pics of my vry sexy xl250s, not far of finished now, a few bits and bobs. And to think, i was going to sell her a while back. Ok i wont post pics as i dont...
  6. I want this!!!

    Actually I'd like one that's more original, but this is the first one I've seen on eBay. Gilera Cx 503 | eBay It's a stroker (which I've always liked) it's Italian (which means it's sexy and potentially unreliable) but it's also pretty unique and funky, and I'd love to have one at the back of...
  7. Biking highs & lows

    Many of us have swapped bikes over the years, some bikes performed above expectations & leave a warm feeling when you look back others may have been a bit of a dog. What have been your biking highs & lows??? For me the Transalps have done me well (there have been 5 1/2 of them now...) my main...
  8. Girl with the trail bike tattoo

    I came to the Stieg Larson Millennium trilogy a bit late and only finished reading The Girl with Dragon Tattoo this year. Last night I went to watch the Daniel Craig film. I love the way film directors think a cheap, second-hand 125 trail bike - as detailed in the book - is not sexy enough and...
  9. Wessex Wanderer Weekend

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Quick report here on a weekend of trail riding on and around Salisbury Plain, organised by Barftone. Very good venue, a pub with a small camping field in Bishops Canning. Unbelievably good weather. Hot sunshine all day both days, in October. Saturday we covered 113 miles in total - actually this...
  10. Sexy Gas gas

    Gas Gas
    2010 Gas Gas EC450 Desert - ADVrider :love7:
  11. That clean sexy @ at Box hill today.

    Africa Twin
    She is a beauty, whoever she belongs to. Would have hung around to eyeball you but I was far too greedy and went for the burgers instead. :thumbright:
  12. XRV's are "Sexy"!

    Africa Twin
    As part of the Bike to work week this week we had a Ride-to-Work day yesterday for Motorcyclists with free breakfast and a "Sexiest Bike" contest. I figured what the hell and turned up for the competition as I had nothing else to do with my lunchtime. There was a Harley (with chrome shiny...
  13. Moved:Relax & Watch !!!! Sindy Sexy!!!

    Africa Twin
  14. Moved:Relax & Watch !!!! Sindy Sexy!!!

    Wheres it gone! I was all geared up for some relaxing.... :D (Meaning the Boss wasn't looking over my shoulder!!! :wink: )