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    to xrv members free tyre removal , refit and balance on wheel jobs , august and september
  2. Triumph
    powder coated rims , stainless spokes , powdercoated hubs ,,,,, @ sfx wheels Welcome - sfx wheels
  3. Triumph
    @ sfx wheels
  4. XR
    2003 xr400 wheels . satin black powder coated rims , new s/s spokes , ral3000 powder coated hubs @ sfx wheels
  5. Triumph
    resurected the front spokes , new spokes in the back , hubs left as they are , both rims powdercoated satin black to match the hubs ,,,,,,,,,,, @ sfx wheels
  6. Chatter
    been playing with this ,,, i know its a bit "bloodrunners " what do ya think ?
  7. XR
    Hi everyone and Merry Christmas to you all. Just had my wheels delivered by the lovely UPS man, gave him a bottle of wine for making it through the snow! Paul at SFX Wheels has a done a grand job of them, I'm very impressed with his workmanship.:thumb: He powdercoated the hubs, anodized...
1-7 of 7 Results