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  1. Transalp
    Took the Alp for its first off road shakedown today, nothing fell off (including me) so that's a start! :D Just a few local tracks around Calver in the Peaks Wet slippy rocks and mud were the order of the day! Ten points to anyone who can name the tracks!
  2. Meet Ups / Rideouts getting close I believe. It's this coming Monday, unless I've got me days muddled up :? May the 1st, and may the force be with you. Especially you Lord Vader, unless of course you're stuck on the salad counter that day. :lol: Chad, you've done this before. Where do you wanna meet...
  3. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    i know its a bit early yet, but do any of you guys do the shakedown run on the first bank holiday in may . its the largest unofficial run in the country. a lot of people meet up at locksbottom in kent and then ride down in one bloody great group. ive done this a few times and its bonkers. now i...
  4. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Seeing as the forecasted wet front had appeared this morning, I 'developed' a mild flu for the benefit of the office and loaded up the bike for a shakedown run in the local countryside. At the end of the week I'm heading off around the Baltic Sea for a month, so this is my last chance to double...
1-4 of 4 Results