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  1. Shaping up to be a bad day :-(

    Africa Twin
    I dropped my @ this morning wheeling it back out of the garage - smashed the screen and chipped the faring on the frame of the garage door. Unhappy doesn't even start to explain how I feel :-( Chris
  2. Shaping clear perspex

    Bodgers Corner
    Well Peeps I want to be able to make a headlight guard for the RD04 Seen a program in one of the documentary channels about the recreation of a German stealth fighter for WW2 and they were making the canopy by heating a sheet in a big oven and then trying to get it to the right shape Has...
  3. 94 domi supermoto build

    Dominator / FMX
    Started build my domi sumo 2 weeks back so fitting everything up befor i get it all powdercoated so here is a few pics of the build and the jobs done so far.this is her before is started. IMG][/IMG] old forks off so i can get the usd...
  4. Tell us how we are doing ?

    The Longest Day
    TLD Registered Riders With less than five months to go until TLD 2011, I thought I would take this opportunity to ask you the riders, how you think things are shaping up ? The committee needs to know if there is anything we are not doing that in your opinion, we should be doing, whether you...
  5. TA700 Light protector

    Right - ive heard enough about people collecting pigeons to make me actually want to get one of these now. Its pheasant time and theyre a bigger beast altogether. Has anyone tried shaping a piece of plastic to fit the TA700 cone shaped headlight? I did ask Pyramid Plastics last year but they...
  6. A noice read, building a better Dommie ?

    Dominator / FMX
    Building a Better Dominator Article by Ron Grant, "SideTrack" – Motorcycle Adventure Magazine, Australia. August – September 1998, Issue 20. What works, what doesn't on the way to eight extra horses and a vastly improved suspension package. Ron Grant from Shogun Honda in Brisbane has spent...
  7. Non-Insulated terminals - tips?

    Mechanical Advice
    I have a non insulated terminal connector kit (from VRP - which are similar to the connectors used as OE on bikes & stuff)) & can't figure out how to make a good, quick connection when crimping the terminals to the wire. I have a cheapo wire cutting/stripping/ins & non ins crimp tool, had no...
  8. Seats and them being a right pain in mine..

    Africa Twin
    Right, I have a Touratech seat on the @ and am [email protected]@dy annoyed by it. First thing is that it lets water in like no-one's business then it drips it down my leg when I sit on it. It s gotten so bad that I now take the seat off at night and leave it in the house next to the radiator to dry...
  9. Olympics

    I have just watched Tessa Jowell on London TV talking about the Olympics and its already massive budget Overun. It was originally budgeted to cost £2.3 Billion Pounds. It is now up to £9.6 Billion pounds. They are coming out with figures like this 5 years before the event. So i will take a bet...
  10. Rallye headlight guard info

    Ok, a couple of guys were interested in this, possibly almost as greedy as me? :lol: :lol: I made a headlight guard for my @T years ago and when I saw one on touratech's site for the Tiger I decided it was time to do it again! Hardest part was aquiring a shopping basket! Ok, chopped up...