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  1. Important food on Saturday

    Welsh Invasion
    First thing is if you want the standard chilli let Sharri know on the other food thread. No reply no food. I know V is a veggie. Are there any more?
  2. Happy birthday Sharrie and Austin

    Happy birthday Sharrie have a great day lovely lady , all the best :D:blob8::blob8::occasion8::occasion8::occasion8:
  3. calling Sharrie

    can you phone me please as I cant PM you......
  4. Can't Wait For Thursday II

    For a totally different reason. Thursday evening we're on the big boat and off for a little ride to Portugal. It's finally arrived after all the planning:blob7::blob8::blob7::blob8::blob7::blob8::blob7::blob8: Oh that's me, Sian, Sharri, J and CaiteeM
  5. Happy birthday Sharrie

    Happy birthday girly xxxxx
  6. How much????????

    Met Sharri for lunch in the local Honda dealers. On the way in passed a brand new Gold Wing £24,000. They're having a laugh surely :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. New avatar for Sharri

    She's so going to slap me
  8. Longest Day Question for Sharri or Tom??

    Hi folks, situation has left me at a loose end from now till Monday, don't ask!, so can anyone tell me where/when the LD ers are coming back into Wales? I fancy a ride over tonight and a saying of Hi and some photos as they come off the ferry. Any good bivy spots nearby perchance? OR, if...
  9. Ever since Sharri

    test rode one of these I've really fancied one
  10. Sharri

    There's a guy on this thread with a XT660R for sale
  11. Sharri, Im getting you back

    :D Here you go, get this an you can come with us:D
  12. Oi Sharri.....

    ...... why's your teddy got it's leg in plaster?? Have we had a tumble??:(