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    Well folks Sharribee is doing another Run for her Mountain Rescue Team,I am going to donate £20 to Sharri,s Fund if she dresses up as Olive Oil for the run.Come on people let,s get behind this effort for a very worthy cause.Francis
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    I have found out that Sharribee, now wishs to be called HOT LIPS :D:D:D
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    :occasion4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY - sorry I'm not about to help you celebrate:occasion7::occasion9: Hope you have a really special day. :occasion1: Luv Meesh:occasion2: xx :occasion6: :sunny:
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    Hi Sharribee Do you have a camp site in mind for the kids weekend?
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    Those who know him will lknow already what a great bloke J is. Well today he helped me replace the exhaust gaskets on my Vara (one had failed). Did I say help? He pretty much did it all while I stood around! The job took nearly three hours, all done with good banter, and we were supplied with...
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    Well that is my reading of the response from the government to the petition on funding the mountain rescue services. Just got this through, which, roughly translated out of government speak, is sod off and stop whingeing. We still think what you do is great.
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    Whats up with that than Mabel??:confused::confused::confused::confused: