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  1. Welsh Invasion
    Hi guys. One week to go :cool::cool: this is the final list Stubbsie peterPan outrunner meesh hudders sharrie + J Phil + V Barftone frad + Catherine TBC Lord + lady V PaulS JohnC Hudders biatch BobA TBC Deano Steve Chad+Stevie Loggy Me + Sian Bazza Mudwiz Everybody who has paid up is on...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Happy birthday Sharrie have a great day lovely lady , all the best :D:blob8::blob8::occasion8::occasion8::occasion8:
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    A lot of us on here are people 'of a certain age' and have or will have ailments. I have certainly benefitted from other members kind words and thoughts in the past when I've had problems so why not post here if you'd like to talk about your aching limbs etc. I see on another thread that J has...
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    33 Reasons To Be Proud To Be Welsh
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    Today Sharrie and myself went to Cotswold outdoors tent show. We picked up a jackwolfskin time tunnel 3 and a Vango geodesic winter mountain tent, RRP in excess £650, we had both of them for less than £175. What a deal for two brand new tents. The one at Brecon mountain Centre is lasting all...
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    Sharriebee down :-( Had a txt last night. Apperantly sharrie fell of a horse (told he not to play with food) and had a proper faceplant. Broken nose and cheekbone. Hope you get better soon girl:thumbup: Any pics of the black eyes yet:toothy2: Not a good start to the year for xrv:(
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    can you phone me please as I cant PM you......
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    The only Welsh nurse I know never binge drinks. Never. Absolutely certainly not. BBC News - Nurses in Wales to give patients advice after drink injuries
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    Sharrie has already done more than 10 miles of her Loch Ness Marathon. And the only monster she has seen is Lowflyer;)
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    BBC News - Roath Park Lake car: Woman charged over vehicle in water :toothy1::toothy1::toothy1:
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    Happy birthday girly xxxxx
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    My daugter set me a challenge of going veggie for a week and progress so far has been good exept for the teriffic amount of Tear Gas coming from my arse is this normal I ask.:-D as I now Sharrie is going to kill me.
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    ok clutching at straws here & weel out of my depth! Just been informed that wife's youngest brother has been rushed to hospital with a "thrombose au cerveaux" which I think means a blood clot in one of the ateries behind the brain. the other problem is that he's in Mayotte! the doctors there...
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    Next year that is. Sharrie has had a mental brake down, and entered the Loch Nessy marathon in September 30th . Starting in Fort Augustus too Inverness 26miles. are there any good B&B's with safe parking in inverness for Shaz and myself:teeth::teeth:
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    Deb and sharrie left at 9am for their little run. One of the spotters reported seeing them 6 min not far of the half way mark. Not bad since they only crossed the start line at 9.10am . Never seen sharrie so nervous,she hardly slept last night. Deb was not to bad only a bit nervous. I will...
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    Well guys its our big day tomorrow Sharrie and i running the Cardiff half marathon and would like to again say a big thank you to all of you who sponsered us :thumbup:
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    Have a great day and enjoy your new wheels. The correct answer on the other thread was poor photography, I have seen a bike like yours in the showroom on Park Lane it looks better than your photos.:occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion5: :occasion5...
1-19 of 32 Results