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  1. Shasta White Varadero - tank decal issue?

    Hi guys.... The offside white decal on my Varadero tank is "yellowing" so is now a different colour than the nearside one. Has anyone else had this issue and if so how was it rectified please?
  2. RD03 frame colour; white or off white?

    Africa Twin
    Realise the correct colour is 'Shasta White' but I'm having the frame powder-coated and am not sure whether to go for white or off-white. Can't remember if the frame was off-white, seem to recall it being a pretty white white, so to speak! Off-white is a bit vague and I didn't look at the...
  3. RD04 Shasta White at Halfords

    Africa Twin
    I have heard it mentioned on here that Halfords do not have the code for Shasta White which is the basic frame and paint colour for the RD04 White Well I have just been to Halfords and got a spraycan in NH138 Shasta White Not cheap but at least its available. Chris
  4. RAL code for NH-138 Shasta White

    Africa Twin
    Folks I can't believe I cannot get this answer, but I've tried lots of places and people, so if you can help, please do. RD03 and RWB RD04's have a Honda base colour of NH-138H which is called Shasta White. This colour is also used for the frame. What I need to know is, does anyone...