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  1. Shedding weight for free

    Africa Twin
    I googled and I "search"ed but found nothing....but if you know of an existing thread, please let me know :) I'm trying to figure out what (weight) I can get rid of on my newly acquired ('91) AT. I'm a solo rider (I don't have a lot of personal weight to lose as I run a fair bit and am...
  2. Ricor Intiminators, Slugs and Mitas Tyres E10s and E09 Dakar

    Product Reviews
    Well I had the intiminators and slugs fitted and gave it a short run to the Yonderman with Dave, my lad in tow on the DR350 and then a proper run on the way down to the Welsh Invasion Initial impressions Slugs I have these set to raise the front up 40mm. This is as much as the cables and...
  3. Greetings all

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Greetings All..... Yep, ive bin lurking for a few months now, soaking up the info on here.... brilliant site... saved me loads in time, and effort, to get the beast running right. Got this a few months ago, and havent stopped smiling since :D What have i been doing all these years...
  4. exhausts

    Africa Twin
    '98 RD07 with hole in original silencer. have a K&N filter.don't want to re-jet or change fittings,but wouldn't mind shedding a few kilos! any recommendations for a replacement? thx paul