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  1. Front brakes

    Hi all, the front brakes are squealing when used.should they have anti squeal shims in .or could it be something else making them make this noise .:happy6:
  2. Brake pedal movement

    Africa Twin
    I got an advisory on last years mot re excessive movement of the brake pedal and my mot is due shortly ;) Are there shims between the frame and the pedal shaft , or will I have to buy a new/ 2nd hand pedal ?? Or a new frame :o:D Cheers in anticipation :thumbup:
  3. Where's my neutral light gone!

    Spent the day fettling the XR. Did the valve clearances, put the anti squeal shims back in the rear brake, fitted a cigarette lighter socket for the PDA, and proceeded to fix the bulb that had blown as the neutral light wasn't working. But there's no bulb and no wiring for it!!! So I guess the...
  4. not rd04 forks

    Africa Twin
    Just taking a closer look at my 90 model forks and rear brake and guess what....not what should be there thats for sure.My front forks bear no resemblance to the haynes manual I have just bought. There are only 2 bolts holding th front axle on and on the left fork bottom there is an anti...
  5. new Engine Help!!

    Africa Twin
    I have been having some oil consumption problems and then it developed a death rattle the engine came out and stripped down to reveal a piston wash over one loose piston and loose crank shims :( after a list of requirements was drawn up and priced the parts came to £580 then labour and...
  6. The after winter service

    Africa Twin
    Started it today valve clearances oil filter oild blah blah blah. The clearances were a bugger to do its hard to get your hands in. Only had one bolt sheer off exhaust protection thingy dont know why I took that off. the downer is the rust around the front of the radiators and front engine...