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  1. Correct fixings for wind shield

    Hi, Please would somebody tell me if the four silver fixings you can see that hold the wind shield to the headlamp cowl are the correct ones for a 1999 XL600V? Please see pictures. They came with the bike when I bought it new but seem too big and shiny? Thanks PC
  2. Wanted: Front fender for my 1977 CT125

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, Have recently acquired this lovely old bike. She goes well but as you can see, needs a bit of tlc. Am finding some parts ok but struggling over the front fender which is pretty well shattered. Anyone have such a thing in their garage or can perhaps suggest another which will be a good...
  3. How much?

    Africa Twin
    Honda XRV750 AFRICA TWIN XRV XR V ADVENTURE PARIS DAKAR | eBay Very shiny, though....
  4. A custom order restoration I did on an NX650 this week.

    Dominator / FMX
    A good customer of mine has a thing for gold. And he likes things shiny. He's made up with this now.
  5. Mystery part.

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Can any one identify this part for me please, it came with my shiny new (to me) RD07a. Thanks.
  6. Wanted: Muffler/Silencer to suit '96 TA 600

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, looking for a muffler/silencer to suit my 1996 TA 600. Mine's falling apart due to rust, so I am looking for a decent condition one so I don't need to repeat this for a few years; doesn't have to be shiny, just structurally up to scratch. Located in Brighton, also happy to pay for...
  7. Powder Coating

    What sort of price range should I be looking at to get my givi pannier racks powder coated? Ive had my exhausts changed for some shiny new Quill cans, and thought I might as well get the racks sorted while they were off the bike.
  8. '91 Alp wheels- fitment on later models?

    Hi all, When did the front ends of Alps change to twin discks ? I was wondering what other Alp models the shiny black Excel rim'd wheels from my (single font disk) '91 Alp (XL600VN model) would fit. Thanks all. Nick
  9. Hepco and Becker panniers are here

    Africa Twin
    Shiny thing make it all better... 2 x 35L Hepco and Becker panniers arrived this morning, unfortunately someone at some time has welded an indicator bracket onto the pannier frame which blocks them mounting properly so I've whipped the frames off and taken then to a local fabricator who is...
  10. Too many shiny happy birthday threads!

    Mods - we're all going birthday greeting crazy! It's such a warm, happy place here! Any chance of rationalising our multiple birthday thread? :)
  11. Separating the silencer from the downpipes on a 600

    Having looked at a schematic of the exhaust system on my 98 600, I was expecting to see a clamp with two bolts which I could loosen and then separate the two parts so I could slide on a shiny new end can. However, as you can see this is not the case. Am I missing something?
  12. RD04 Rear Shock - How to adjust?

    Africa Twin
    I just bought some nice shiny new c-spanners so I can adjust the rear shock but can't get at it!! What's the best way to access the adjuster rings? any ideas?
  13. New shiny

    Since we don't seem to be having some kind of "show off your new shiny or farkle or wotsit" thread already... This month is turning out a bit dear. ;-) Finally got the new pannier from TT to replace the knackered one I went ice surfing on. They're a nice bit of kit, but once they're bent...
  14. Shiny bits

    Has anyone got any suggestions as to where I can find a length of stainless steel tube or other such material? The two shiny bits on my exhaust have crumbled off. Griff.
  15. shiny bits

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I've been trying to get hold of Paul at shiny bits to order some parts, but he is not picking up emails? Any one else had any problems.
  16. Nobody stole my new shiny endcan...

    Mechanical Advice
    ...yet. I was thinking, since my endcan is so easy to fit it's equally easy to remove. Anyone got a clever way of fitting a slipon so it's a bit more hassle to steal it? And no, I don't have a garage. It's damn well impossible to find one where I live so during the riding season I have to park...
  17. Yen takes his shiny bike out for a ride.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Me and Africa Twin (is it me or is everyone from South Africa on here?)went out for a spin around the green lanes surrounding Braintree this afternoon. Time to get the 'new' bike dusty. These are some of his pics, I'll download mine of him tomorrow when I'm at work where the camera lead is...
  18. shiny new rims

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys and gals, Still mucking about rebuilding the bike when last night I stripped alll the spokes out of the wheels with the plan to clean up and reanodise them. Thought struck me...can you get replacement rims and if so where. Might save a few hours on the machine polisher. :lol:
  19. Shiny Stuff

    Africa Twin
    After much deliberation over getting shiny stuff for the Bike, the wife graiously agreed I could spend some money. So I emailed Paul Hodson regarding the stuff he does. Paul agreed to let me see / try the bits before paying (Sorry Zorba, it was a spur of the moment thing). I ordered the Rear...
  20. shiny new graphics

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, you,ll be glad to hear that I have finally resolved the engine vibration issue. Thanks everyone for their guidance. It appeared to improve after the carbs were balanced and all nuts and bolts tightened. I have been merrily riding around the country side until I met Mr and Mrs diesel on...