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  1. Chatter
    Don't accidentally type in Sure I recognised a few faces from here ha ha :(
  2. Transalp
    Welp, further to learning that I can't fit a 650 shock to a '98 600, here is the next shocking question: Has anyone here got first-hand experience of having a 600 shock rebuilt in the UK? I've searched, and there are a few people who have heard of it being done or heard of firms that offer a...
  3. XL
    gday guys i have just become the proud owner of a 85 xlv750 rd01 bike has been under a blanket for the past ten years and looks great but the rear shock seems to be partialy seized it will move if you apply enough force but then sticks has any one else had this problem or know the cure thanks...
  4. Chatter
    :rolleyes: Oh come on - really :rolleyes: What were you thinking :D But seeing as you're here, I know absolutely nothing, and I mean zero about websites so thought it was time I learned something. Thanks to youtube instructional videos I had a go at building this. Not there yet and...
  5. XR
    hi all just joined up so this is my first post. ive had a quick read through the forum and its been very helpful so far. anyway ive just bought a 2000 xr400 first though after driving it on the road was i found it very low geared i thought it would have a lot more top end that it has. i know a...
  6. Africa Twin
    :shock: :shock: Okay well not really but i thought a snappy title may get more responses. :D I think i need to upgrade my suspension: and suspention i know little about..:? okay i know bugger all. So three questions: What have people used... ohlins, Wp, hagon? My bike will be used for...
1-6 of 7 Results