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  1. Africa Twin
    Will they physically swap over? Specifically will an rd07 fit an rd04? Mine is getting very tired and a bit bouncy but I am really tight on funds (kidney anyone?) So just trying to expand my options. Tia.
  2. Africa Twin
    hello all, can anyone offer any advice on where one could get a lowering kit for my bike? Im only 5.5 foot tall so need to do something. I managed to get my 1150 gs adv down to 81.5 using a hyperpro kit but they dont do anything for an older africa twin. Any tips on seats, fork springs...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    My winter project is coming along nicely and I like it so far The rear shock at present is from a zx6r but I think it is to soft. I have seen 3 other shocks I am interested in. Hagon Wilbers ( no preload) Wilbers more expensive but has a dial( able)setting I know it's a personal choice but do...
  4. Varadero
    Hello guys , i was just wondering if anyone tried to replace the rear shock from another model Honda/Yamaha..etc ? the aftermarket is too expensive and new OEM as well . i see a lot of good rear shocks in good condition and cheap as well from other bikes any idea ? thanks speaking about...
  5. Africa Twin
    I would like to change my rear shock ,preferably something with a little adjustment for passengers but its not a must have . i was looking at suspension units and they are expensive so i was wondering if any of the more experienced among us could shed some light of what if anything is availlable...
  6. Africa Twin
    Wotcha. Long time no post. Are there any other rear shocks that swap out for the OEM item on my rd04? If it is more road orientated I'm not worried. Cheers.
  7. Africa Twin
    well after much swearing, and painting and lets be honest.. bargaining with the bike to run, start, and generally not break on me.. I am done.. every nut, bolt replaced , most new parts, new suspension. new mosfet, new CDI, new shocks, callipers, tyres.. dash I made myself.. and multifunction...
  8. Africa Twin
    I have a Transalp 700 year 2012 model which I hardly use. The bike I use mostly is my Africa Twin RD 07 year 1994. (AT owners will know why!) Since the rear shock of the AT is sagging a bit, and buying a new shock is beyond my budget right now, I was wondering if I can swap the two shocks. They...
  9. Africa Twin
    Forum Members, Hello and happy holidays. A *********** rear shock was installed on my 1991 RD04 AT when I purchased it. I am curious to learn if anyone is aware of *********** or the reputation of their shocks. I assume the company may have been acquired, renamed or closed. There is very...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi. Guys thinking to invest few quids on suspension what do you think of this kit? Thanks Val Streetbox Kit (Black Shock Spring) | Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin (90-92) (1992)
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, Not so much a thread, but our beloved AT was stolen on 17 Sept from Pembury, Kent. :(:( It's got a broken speedo so if you know of anyone trying to fix it or sell it, let me know! Also, it's got gorgeous ohlins shocks, so if you come across any of those being flogged... Reg N185 XDC. Ta...
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi folks My RDO7A has just passed the 30k mark and I'm wondering how long the rear shocks normally last on these bikes before they need replacing . I know it will depend on the different variables , weight , riding conditions etc. but just a general idea would be good. Thanks...
  13. XR
    Hi, Does anyone know where to source a 11.5kg/mm rear spring for a XR600RF (RG/RH the same) spring dimensions are 240mm x OD 82mm x ID 56mm In fact if anyone can recommend anything in the way of any upgrade tips or parts suppliers even second hand bits for the 600RF rear shocker it would be...
  14. XR
    hi Are the shocks interchangeable for the 2000+/- models? I've got the 250 and there's a spare 400 one on handlers'tree for £35, or is it wiser to do the rebuild? Chris
  15. Africa Twin
    rear shocks fubared on my rd04 so i ring a breaker and he's only one on the shelf for an rd07, so i buy it thinking all that the difference is a bit longer length which i can live a search on here and its becoming obvious that i'm going to run into issues with the preload pipe...
  16. Africa Twin
    i'm looking at replacing my rear shock after xmas, mine has 94,000kms on it and when its on the sidestand you can, with one finger, make the bike go up and down about 4 or 5 inches! i'd love a nitron one from rugged roads but the budget won't stretch that far:( my searches and a mate pointed me...
  17. Dominator / FMX
    Do any of you gentlemen know of any rear shocks that will fit my dommie flat tracker. I need to raise the rear end by about two inches. I am using the one from my RD02 but it sits way too low. Any suggestions about alternative shocks or hightening kits? :thumbup:
  18. XRV Swap Shop
    hi guys im looking for a rear shock fur my SLR, does anyone know the length of this, as i may be able to look elswhere an match one up.. or has anyone got one,, would a dommie shock fit it, also heard a suzuki sv650 shock would fit it.. but looking at various shocks. surley it only needs the...
  19. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Used condition , RED in colour rear shocks for HONDA TLR200 in decent condition, £45 posted to any uk address,
  20. XL
    Hi could someone tell me how many colours Did they do on a 1980 frame my frame is red But unsure and side panels red but look Painted red rear shocks are red and tank red looks Like had a respray so a bit confused I want to Rebuild to factory colours hope someone can Help me thanks
1-20 of 44 Results