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  1. Gaiters (fork shoe)

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I read somewhere here that the AT fork is 43 mm diameter, what is the lower diameter and the lengthe of the gaiter (the fork rubber thing that compresses when you break), I am trying to find a suitable version that would fit the Varadero 2007 model of 43 / 63 diameters. Cheers
  2. Shoe horn anyone ?

    Other Honda
    What the Faaaark am I watching this for ? :D:D:D :) eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace My imagination is now runnin' outa' control,why did I ever start looking ? :rolleyes: :)
  3. advice needed! 89 transalp and 88 xl 600 rear wheel

    Hi, could anyone tell me if my sprocket and brake shoe carrier from my 89 transalp will fit onto a 88 xl600 rear wheel. I need a new hub and the transalp rear (drum brake) wheels are proving hard to come by, but I have found an xl 600 rear wheel. If anyone knows could you let me know. cheers.
  4. wanted! 89 rear drum brake cover.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Don't want to go in to to much detail about how I have just messed up my rear drum brake cover(brake shoe carrier), but i have! If anyone has one and is wanting to sell it to a needy fellow transalp fan, then please let me know. your help is greatly needed. cheers!
  5. For Sale: Sidi B2 gore Rex boots - size 46

    For Sale / Wanted
    Now I'm changing to the @ from the CBR600 I'm selling my sidi B2 leather/gore tex boots I'm a size 10 shoe but bought these as a size 46 which is a UK 11 as sidi's come up small They are all weather and supremely comfy whilst giving great protection They have been used about 6 times since new...
  6. Delilah needs new shoes

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I've got about 500 miles of wear left, currently have Pirelli Scorpions on her but they have worn far too quickly, I've only got 6000 miles which is rubbish compared to what I am used to. I got 14000 out of my last Bridgestones on the old bike. So what do I go for this time, tempted to go back...
  7. Honda xl250 k3/4 pair front brake shoes

    eBay - XL
    £6.50 (0 Bids) End Date: Tuesday Jan-25-2011 14:25:15 GMT Bid now | Add to watch list More...
  8. Honda xl 125cc xl125 rear back brake shoes

    eBay - Varadero
    £2.99 (0 Bids) End Date: Sunday Jan-23-2011 20:23:50 GMT Bid now | Add to watch list More...
  9. Honda XR 125 XR125 L-6 Rear Brake Hub & Shoes

    eBay - XR
    £5.25 (0 Bids) End Date: Sunday Jan-16-2011 20:02:02 GMT Bid now | Add to watch list More...
  10. Honda xl 125cc xl125 rear back brake shoes

    eBay - Varadero
    £2.99 (0 Bids) End Date: Sunday Jan-16-2011 19:51:48 GMT Bid now | Add to watch list More...
  11. Honda xl 125cc xl125 rear back brake shoes

    eBay - Varadero
    £2.99 (0 Bids) End Date: Sunday Jan-16-2011 19:51:48 GMT Bid now | Add to watch list More...
  12. Any Scuba Divers on here

    If yes Have you done any cold water/Winter diving???? Reason i ask i had this idea the other morning on my way to work.Could you use the sock/shoe part from a winter diving suit as socks for biking inside your biking boots??? Waterproof and should be warm or am i barking(as...
  13. Wanted: wanted xr 600 rear wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    anybody out there got an xr 600 rear wheel?brake shoe hub early type.or a similar xl type for sale,cheers mark
  14. Dont polish your boots

    Yes that’s what I was told today when I bought new boots, They're nothing fancy but with a Gore-Tex lining hopefully more waterproof than their predecessor, I was given a voucher as my old boots were beyond repair and still covered by guarantee. While sorting out the voucher I was told not to...
  15. ride outs

    hi there im new to forums and enduro riding. i have bought an xr400 02 plate off ebay. its a bit of a nail but its got the tyres and hand guards etc. all i want now to do is get it and myself dirty. can anyone sugest an easy first ride out. i live near northwich cheshire and can get a trailer or...
  16. builders please...what sort of cement do I use....

    Chatter repair some pointing and a damaged drain. The pointing (I think its called pointing) is needed at the gable end of my garage and fills in the gap between the brickwork and the tiles. Its gone black (mould?) and is either crumbly and falling away, or falling off in big chunks. The...
  17. Living in the place they call france!

    These are questions to the people on this forum who have given up on england and moved to france, 1. What is the quality of life like out there? 2. What is it like to get work, with minimal french language ability? 3. Are there parts to stay away from? 4. Do french people treat you like...
  18. Honda XL600V Technical Specifications

    Transalp Technical Specs
    These specifications are intended as a guide and do not constitute official measurements or specifications. If you are unsure please get a Honda approved mechanic to check or maintain your bike. All units in millimetres mm (inches in) unless otherwise specified. Honda XL600V Covers the...
  19. Warning!! Con men preying on the vulnerable!

    Please! Please! Please! warn the elderly and vulnerable NOT to use workmen who come knocking on your door unsolicited. My dear old dad (80 years of age and infirm) was conned out of £5000 cash yesterday by bogus roofers. They knocked on his door and said they had come to do their 10 year check...
  20. Africa Twin Tool Kit.

    Africa Twin
    I've just posted this on another thread but thought others might be interested. Over the past years I've tried and tested many tools for adventure bikers. Only recently have I found tools that are so light you wouldn't believe but also are brilliant quality. I've been many places on my AT and...