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  1. Getting a 700 onto the mainstand!!!!!!

    I’ve had a number of bikes, big, small etc and I’ve never had a bike as hard to put on the main stand as the 700. ive strained my shoulder. strained my foot. Airhead Beamers, heavier bikes... easier. sports bikes with main stands.... easier. 650 Trannie..... don’t remember this being hard...
  2. Deep Joy!

    Africa Twin
    just agreed to buy a 97 RD07a with 20k on the clock, needs a bit of tlc and a few things put back to original, but nothing too major. One very happy individual.......deep joy! was great to jump on it today and have a spin around, felt like an old pair of shoes....very comfortable. pictures:
  3. XL700 front wheel spindle seized in situ

    Hi folks I need to fit some new shoes on my XL700 but cant get the front wheel out for love nor money. So far I have slackened the half bracket and removed the brake calipers. When I attempt to slacken the front axle I can get maybe 3/4 of a turn on it before it goes tight. The opposite end...
  4. Model query

    Hello everybody, I recently bought a 600 transalp which was on a q plate. The v5 document says year of manufacture is 1996 but that can't be right as it has a drum brake on the rear. Now I can assume that the 1996 date was when the vehicle was re registered as the bike had been rebuilt using a...
  5. Considering trading the RD04 AT for a BMW GSA1200 - Someone talk me out of it!!!!!

    Africa Twin
    Exactly as the title says! Having desired an AT from the first time I laid my eyes on one, finally owning my RD04 was everything I dreamt of and more. Now, due to certain hobby/business activities my need for a motorway mile cruncher is high, needing a bike that will be happy doing 3000 + mile...
  6. I could watch this stuff all day...

    DC SHOES: KEN BLOCK'S GYMKHANA FIVE: ULTIMATE URBAN PLAYGROUND; SAN FRANCISCO - YouTube Come on, there was a bike in it at some point :D Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  7. AT cheaper than a car? Hmmm;-)

    Africa Twin
    Took the bike to Austria today and the missus followed in the car with our bike trailer on the back...I used 13 litres of unleaded, and she used 10 litres of diesel!! Admittedly she had to keep to the German speed limit of 80km/h with the trailer, but she certainly crept up to 100 at times...
  8. Rear hub.

    Hi guys, bit of a dilemma, the rear hub brake lining on my '89 TA is worn and the brake pedal is now pulsing when it's applied. Been trying to source a rear drum but even if I could get one it's over 300 quid. Does anyone know if I could get the drum re-lined, I know they can do shoes and pads...
  9. Some pics of my XL125k2 1978

    Xl125 was aquired from a relative in a not very good state and didn't even think about trying to start it [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Stripped it down and had the enginer rebored then rebuilt myself, also cleaned off all the dodgy black paint [/IMG] Frame was cleaned with a little help from the boys...
  10. Shoes.. I meant shoes

    I was travelling home yesterday and while going through security at Stansted airport the female airport security guard at the x-ray machine said the following Her "Any Liquids or gels" Me "Yes they are there on the belt" Her "OK I'll have to ask you to remove your trousers" Me "Pardon! You...
  11. my new old transalp and the story (need's new shoes)

    I bought the bike near like tahoe and ride it to Yosemite then trough nevada and then zion in Utah gran canyon and red canion , then colorado , kansas , Missouri ohio, and then hpme to philadelphia. the first half of the trip was riding whith my girlfriend behind and ALL her stuff. when I bought...
  12. Brake Shoes and Pads for a 87 Tranny

    Where's the best place to get reasonably priced shoes and pads for the above?