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  1. RD07 R 94 front brake pistons

    How to.....
    Sorry, wrong place :)
  2. Seat cover NX 650

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm trying to restore my '88 dommie in factory condition, and so I need a new seat cover (the red one with the simple "honda" on the sides). Do you know some websites or shops wher I can find it (as close as possible to the orginal ?) Thanks !
  3. Help! Starter Relay, Universal?

    Africa Twin
    Quick question, My starter Relay needs replacing, I'm not close to any motorcycle shops etc. Can I use a car Relay if it looks the same ? Or has anybody any ideas of what can be used ? Thanks :) Traveling The World Two Up on a 1989 Africa Twin 650. Updates Here...
  4. XR600R - specialised mechanics/workshops in UK

    Hi, I am preparing a '98 XR600R for a two-week rally across Europe. Can anyone recommend a workshop in UK where they are knowledgeable about this particular bike? I have been to experienced enduro/rally shops but, while they're very good with current bikes, they're struggling with mine. Many...
  5. Shock link

    Has anybody found an aftermarket supplier for the needle roller bearings on the 650 shock link, I only want the two where the long link attaches to the swing arm but at Honda prices just over £30 each they are a bit dear! Iv'e found the same size bearing at bearing shops BUT they are the caged...
  6. Paint shops in Southampton?

    Hi guys, new here! Last year I wanted to respray my bike so i purchased some paint from this company: Honda Custom Mixed Paint I was happy with the paint and all that but I don't really want to order paint online again, it there anywhere anyone knows in Southampton that sells good quality...
  7. For Sale: Various bits for sale 01

    For Sale / Wanted
    A NOS Gasket Left hand engine casing for RD04, 07, 07A The RR listing is here... Yours for the price of a pint plus the postage!
  8. Restoration Africa Twin 2000

    Africa Twin
    Hi ,my name Ioannis and I live in Sheffield My Africa was stolen three weeks ago and was found vandalized and in a terrible condition (engine and frame ok) I 've decided to keep it . Any suggestions for restoration shops would appreciated
  9. Wanted: Link pipe for RD07

    For Sale / Wanted
    Link pipe for RD07a I understand it might be a long shot, but perhaps somebody has a destroyed slip-on muffler with a good link pipe for an RD07. Must be Ø54mm OD fo my Leo Vince slip-on. Something like what RuggedRoads used to offer. Pipe and springs. Don't really need the bracket. Or if you...
  10. SOCAL Los Angeles service shops?

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I'm located in SFV. can any1 recommend a shop to re jet my carb?
  11. Do you realise?

    I am sure that some members are are aware that tomorrow is the day that Marty Mc Fly went back in time in Back To The Future 2 to save his old fella in that tuned up stainless steel flop of a car. How many of you lot watched the film and believed that all of the stuff you saw in the film back...
  12. Transalp link pipe for Lazer muffler

    Hi There, Anyone has idea how to connect universal Lazer muffler to Transalp original headers? The diameter of the connection in Lazer muffler is 70mm and the diameter of the original header where I create the link pipe is around 42mm if I recall it right. I have searched the "DIY" (Do it...
  13. Clothing Store - Birmingham

    Any recommendations for motorcycle clothing shops in and around Birmingham/Wolverhampton area? Looking for somewhere to browse and try on gloves, boots, etc. Googling throws up J&S in Deritend, and Bikers World in Coleshill. Anyone used either store? Any good? Iain
  14. where do bike shops get all their tech info re repairs ?

    Ok many mechanics are experienced/knowledgeable but when it comes to detailed info re a particular bike where do they go? Is there a book of info or do they phone or go online to get details .? anyone know and what do you have to do to access it ?
  15. Good places within EU to get spares for XR650R?

    Hey Lads! Found some good online shops in the US, but if ordering there, I'll have to deal with import tax, etc. Where do you guys buy spares for a fair price?
  16. wiring in satnav

    Africa Twin
    Off to the shops to buy my satnav, probably Tomtom, I am an electrophobe, do not like playing with electrics, does my swede in. Any thoughts on how a complete imbcile can connect ot to a RD07 AT. Must dash, I dont like spending money, give me ten minutes and I wil change my mind.
  17. Budget Full Face options

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone had any budget (sub £100) full face helmet recommendations? sometimes you can have a nice suprise at quality and performance, so your experiences welcome, or do I trawl the local shops and then let you folks know lol.
  18. Devon & St Albans bike shops

    I'm off to Devon for a week then across to see family in the St Albans area, I'm treating myself to a new set of gloves, thinking SMX, are they any decent bike shops down that way ?????? cheers
  19. Gearbox question

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Peeps Non bike related but after some guidance or has anyone had the same problem Went out in the boss's car this morning. It's a Ford Galaxy 1.9 TDi130 6 speed 126,000 miles fully serviced regularly every 10,000 miles Reverse was a bit harder to engage, drove to the shops no problem. Upon...
  20. Parts shops

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi everyone. Tried search but no luck. I was wondering where you guys buy parts for your dommies. Hondaoriginalparts or similar sites are way overpriced... E.g. Rocker arm 30£..wt*...? i am interested gead cover, cam parts, valve seals, piston, rings - things you dont change often. Any online...