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  1. froggy speed cameras

    for those planning a trip to or through france next season, I have exciting news! the newest, long awaited Generation 5 speed camera has arrived! zoom out for a size comparison? ok the lower camera is calibrated for cars & bikes, the upper unit for HGV's. Obviously it takes you from...
  2. shortcuts...ish...

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    been looking for a while for some shortcuts home from the new office & also from the new base to head office so sunday, having nailed the children to the floor, I set off exploring a bit on me trusty ole tralp. found a great trail taking me around Chablis to the north, not any quicker than by...
  3. Freds new lanes.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    last saturday fred led me to some new lanes he'd found.they were located on the end of some of the best backroads i've ever ridden. as usual we had to make our way north.valley hopping using shortcuts makes it more interesting and quicker. dropped into crai res. had a small hold up...
  4. Technical FAQ's

    Been a bit on here lately about DIY maintenance, high prices/poor workmanship from dealers. Set me a-thinking. Before buying a TA, I hummed and haahed about a BMW F650GS. Spent a fair bit of time looking at which is the Technical FAQ section of The Chain Gang, the...
  5. Maintainance Tips & Tricks

    Africa Twin
    Anybody have any tips tricks pitfalls shortcuts ect on the maintainance of the AT.