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  1. Rear Bulb Blowing

    XR400,do they all just keep blowwing rear bulbs?,mines doing it about every hours riding,is this normal?,i know theres plenty of vibration,but surely they shouldnt blow this quick? Thanks
  2. Wake up call..............

    Africa Twin
    I thought I would write this while it was fresh in my mind. Just 30 minutes ago a man died while I was holding his hand. A fellow motorcyclist who probably just misjudged his entry speed into the first corner on the town side of Suikerbossie hill. This little misjudgement cost him his life. He...
  3. Neutral light goes on when clutch pulled in!

    Africa Twin
    Anyone ever heard of this bizzare electrical gremlin? Every time I pull in the clutch lever, the neutral light comes on. It also works when the light is in neutral. Nothing else seems affected. It all started after I replaced slow dying fuse on starter relay. But this shouldnt affect neutral...
  4. hi all

    Dominator / FMX
    help needed urgently, i have a 1994 honda dominator i can only seem to get 70 mph out of her,im runnin it without an air filter i know i shouldnt but this shouldnt affect the speed,any advice what this could be,a mechanic told me it is the clutch plates as the clutch is hard what he meant by...
  5. hmmmmm should I or shouldnt I

    Africa Twin
    Thinking of having my @ decal'd up like original rothmans nxr750...what do you think...obviuosly it will be on a RD07
  6. I really shouldnt be trusted...

    After an afternon spent fiddling with the bike and my Starcom and stuff, I decided to take the plunge and fit my Spotlights that have been gathering dust for 6 months or so! I had a cunning plan the other day of using one of the existing fairing mounting bolts and fixing the light brackets on...
  7. turbo anyone?

    been quoted £2900 for a ride in, ride out all in job to fit a turbo to my Hayabusa. this will give 285BHP at the rear wheel. If i sell my power commander, carbon akrapovics, and the bmc air filter on ebay it will be about £2100 ish. i'm seriously tempted! got to get xmas out of the way first...
  8. Heres an odd thing (Fuel Starvation)

    My Trany has always had a problem cruising at high speed, always as though there was fuel starvation, so I decided to strip everything down again. On taking the carbs apart I noticed some funny little filters pushed in the metal pipes for the feed to the float chambers, and when I tried blowing...
  9. Dynojet or not?

    Africa Twin
    I am thinking about spending out on a K & N filter and a Dynojet kit. 2 local bike garages said I shouldnt bother, the reasons being extra fuel use and for the cost no difference in performance. One said what do you expect its only a 750....anyone who says the word ONLY about my bike is asking...