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  1. RD07 Thermostat/ cooling issue.

    Africa Twin
    OK so I'm on a roll now asking questions! Bike warms up lovely when stationary, temperature gauge showing where it should be however, as soon as I start riding gauge drops to zero. I'm guessing that either a/ Thermostat knackered b/ Thermostat doesn't exist. If either a or b I need to replace...
  2. XL1000 Valve check and adjust

    Just curious if anyone has a step by step video showing the procedure for valve check and adjustment. I ride a 2008 XL1000 with approx. 44,000 kilometers on the odometer. Or does anyone have any helpful tips?
  3. Africa Twin in Taiwan / Day Trip Video

    Africa Twin
    Hi, just wanted to share this short clip showing a bit of Taiwan's scenery, of course riding a Africa Twin PS: Watch it in 720p60 HD Cheers, Chris
  4. Idle speed..1.2..seems bit high ??

    Hello , In my 2004 ABS Vara the idle speed was around 1000. i read in the manual it should be 1.2 ..So i adjusted it almost up to the 1st mark after the 1 in the gauge using the screw on the right so its 1.25 or less.. but i feel it's too high?? is it sounds high or there is something wrong...
  5. Transalp Travels 2014-2015 video

    Have not made any videos for a while so for the new year thought I would give it a bash , showing some of the things my Transalp has been up to . Hope you enjoy . :smile:
  6. Wrong (too low) tacho reading

    Africa Twin
    Hi! It seems my tacho is showing the RPM wrong. When idling at ~1000rpm, the tacho stays at 0 and just vibrates slightly. As soon as I open the throttle it moves upwards quickly, but doesn't catch up properly until around 4-5000 rpm. Any ideas what may be causing this? I think it's always been...
  7. Output shaft splines stuffed?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have just taken off the front sprocket (non-genuine by the looks), and I fear I have a worn output shaft. Here are a couple of photos, can someone who has experience with these tell me if I am right? I haven't another to compare it to... If it is what I fear, I gather I need to...
  8. Dodgy battery? Anyone can help ?

    Africa Twin
    XRV750 RD07A 1997. Battery flat, got bike started and rode with lights off to recharge. Today I took some measurements with a multimeter across the battery terminals Engine switched off 12.3 Volts (seems a bit low to me) At tickover with lights off, battery shows 14.2 Volts At tickover with...
  9. Where goes the end of this pipe ?

    It's that pipe question again. This time showing the view from the front/top of the TA XL650v engine, where the pipes come outta the carb bodies and join The Mystery. As there's a spring clip on the open end, I assume the pipe should be attached to something ... ?
  10. How can you ladies resist?

    This thread title is showing on my homepage. Almost as good as my previous favourite Show us your... Fatbloke
  11. Engine paint on 2002 AT RD07

    Africa Twin
    The clutch cover on my 2002 is a showing signs of corrosion under the existing paint, so I'm going to clean it back and prime and paint it in situ. Can anyone advice what shade of paint (probably from Halfords) matches the existing Honda paint?
  12. AT Trip meter reset help???

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Can anyone help me reset my trip meter on my RD07a, it's showing 000 000 000. Cheers RAW85
  13. Avro Vulcan

    Just had westcountry news on and they were showing a trailer for the air day at Yeovilton wish i realised it was on this weekend as they are having the last flight of the final Vulcan left flying doing a final air display. Last time i saw one of them flying was around 20 years back at RAF...
  14. Hi everyone!

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Long time lurker here, created a forums account but only decided to say hello today (just noticed i haven´t done it yet, shame on me :oops:). Hope to share some knowedge and at the same time learn some my self :thumb: 1993 RD07, 78.000km (plus change), still going strong and showing no signs...
  15. rear wheel instalation Q

    took the rear wheel off earlier to fit the tourance's. right pain getting the axle out but eventually did - i put it down to lack of grease. Anyway, i popped the axle back in minus wheel to keep everything in place and the axle wont go through the rear caliper past the axle thread. The thread...
  16. No Petrol!

    Strange thing happened this morning. Started up the Vara and ran for 30 seconds then cut out......never did that before......still showing 22 miles till refill. Has this happened to anyone else?
  17. Xrv750rr Complete

    Africa Twin
    Ok so 99.999% done. 1 - have find 2 14mm fine thread bolts longer for calliper as ones have arebit short. 2 - grind caliper tiny bitin 1 area 3 - then sort digi display as rpm not showing up 4 - Buy new shock
  18. Cagiva Elefant E750LE new member

    Hello, Just joined the site after chatting to Digitalcaptive at Grantham Honda. I ride a 1994 Cagiva Elefant E750 Lucky Explorer, below is a picture showing her posing in a field. Hope to join a ride out at some point. regards to all. [/IMG]
  19. Off road tyre Vs Road tyre

    I was wondering while riding home tonight if knobblies make any differance to speed. I mean I was travelling along at 65 on the TA with the revs showing 5k and the Land Rover esque noise of the tyres on the road and wondered if at the same rev would I be going exactly the same speed but just...
  20. Mint

    Sometimes things are worth showing:toothy10: Suzuki Dr 350cc Mint | eBay Will be waiting a while for £2200 mind