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  1. 1983 XL500 - bigger headlamp?

    Hi all I just bought back my old XL, and am planning some light customisation. I'd like to fit a bigger headlamp, and ditch the plastic shroud - has anyone done this? I'm basing the new look on this - 4h10 Dirty Sandy - the Bike Shed minus the yellow light! Any thoughts welcome...
  2. Wanted: Xl 600 lmf

    For Sale / Wanted
    Twin headlight shroud for LMF needed would consider damaged
  3. Instrument cluster bulbs

    Is there an easy way to access these? The Haynes manual basically has you stripping the whole top fairing. Is it not possible to remove the shroud around the instrument cluster and reach behind to gain access? Thanks MAC
  4. xl125rc headlamp shroud

    Hi everyone. I have a 1983 xl125rc and was recently on the ridgeway trail riding, when i managed to find a big hole to throw me off!!! I bent the handlebars, snapped off the indicators, bent the mudguard,blew the fork seals, snapped the throttle cable adjuster and smashed the headlamp glass and...
  5. 1150/1200GS Headlight Grill Protector, Footpegs and Shroud

    Other Bikes
    Currently in production and 20 of each should be available in the next few weeks of the following items: 1200GS and ADV Head light and Grill protector Unit Cost: £75.00 ea. 1200GS and ADV Light Shield/Shroud Cost: £24.00 ea. 1150GS and ADV Head light and Grill protector Unit This is currently...