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  1. Sidecover removal with Givi pannier racks

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have fitted Givi PL148 pannier racks to my 1993 RD07 Africa Twin. I now find that I am unable to remove the left hand sidecover in order to access my Scottoiler reservoir and the fuses. At the closest point, there is only about 1cm gap between the cover and the rack. It doesn't matter...
  2. 1985-1987 XR600R plastics?

    Hi. I'm looking for specifically the right side plastic sidecover below the seat covering the exhaust, for a 1986 XR600R. Can anyone help? Thanks
  3. Nice XR600R

    Thought this might be of interest. 600R with a host of mods,including a complete CRF450 front end Its from 4Strokes.coms site.Trick looking bike :) Here's the Spec - it's a 2000 model XR600 with: HRC 628cc powerup kit Setrab oil cooler from Precsion concepts from a 97-98 baja bike...
  4. Glues on plastics

    Hi, anyone know a good glue to join PE plastics (like the sidecover), have a similar issue with some car parts too ... tried model plane CA glue and heptane booster seems to work on the bike, tried marine sikaflex ... considering trying melt glue ... on the car part. I know that these plastics...
  5. Mysterious Electrical Gremlins FOUND!!

    Africa Twin
    Right ever since my AT clocked 50 000 problem free miles about two weeks ago all of the sudden it started with problems. Great I thought it served me fine now it is knackered :rolleyes: First symptoms was irregular dropping in revs and splutter, cough missing was the order of the day. One...
  6. Varadero Specs

    Varadero Technical Specs
    Introduction Honda’s class-leading Adventure Touring flagship, the mighty and majestic Varadero, brings a whole wide world of new riding frontiers within easy reach for the most far-ranging blend of motorcycling enjoyment you’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Powered by a slim...
  7. Givi soft pannier frames for 2003 TA650

    Has anyone out there fitted the above to their TA. I was lucky enough to receive a set of these frames, but appears you have to cut out part of the sidecover for the front mounting point to fit. Any advice welcome. Thanks