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  1. Transalp
    So my Transalp Gaiters have more holes than swis cheese and look unsightly. So a few questions 1. Can I just remove them and not replace? Alternatives available? 2. How hard is it to remove the forks and put them back properly? 3. How hard is it to align them once back in? do they just 'fall...
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, ..just a short question pls - is it the same procedure to open the gearbox as it is for the Transalp (3 screws only) Want to see if the gear output shaft is ok on a first sight... cheers Mike
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi all, Yet another video.... As the bike season is upon us and our thoughts turn to ADV Riding / Touring, what camera will you be buying to capture the big trip? Don't be buying a DJI Osmo...... sigh..... :(
  4. Travel
    Dakar desert challenge-hi, has anybody been on this.check out the web sight, it looks pretty good and not that expensive to take part.:cool:
  5. Transalp
    On my XL600VV there is 2 vacuum pipe attachments on the fuel tap. The one forward to the front wheel is the correct one to attach the vacuum pipe to, correct? If so, is the other one left open? Looks strange and there is a hissing coming from it when it is ticking over.. Seems not correct...
  6. Africa Twin Technical Specs
    This is pretty much a heads up for anyone else who might be considering the Scorpion Trails in 150/70-R17 on their RD07/RD07A. It will not fit, not even close. *sigh*
  7. Chatter
    Following on from my earlier sighting of 4 miles in 2 years I now bring you 16 miles in 11 years Terrific
  8. Africa Twin
    Code Name RD3.5 Buy Injusa Africa Twin Superbike Ride-On 6V from our Electric Ride Ons range - Is Soichihiro happy?
  9. Suzuki
    Hi all, anyone got some useful insights into a DR 650? all day comfort, stiing on a motorway, economy, robust in a drop, quality of finish, all that kind of thing would help. Thanks
  10. Africa Twin
    Have seen an immaculate RD03 near my office in Belgravia London a few times now, would love to know if anyone knows the bike what exhaust is fitted, it sounded superb and brightened up my day behind a desk!
  11. Chatter
    The BBC has just told me about Achill-henge. This Irish Times image makes it look quite a sight. What do youse still in Ireland think of it, should it stay, or should it go ?
  12. Chatter
    Apparently this was on Radio 4 earlier today - No Brakes, No Fear - An insight into the intoxicating thrills of British motorcycle speedway. Might be on the iplayer later. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam...
  13. Chatter
    I don't get it with all this horse whipping business. If it doesn't hurt the horse then why limit the number of times you can whip it? If it does hurt the horse then why allow it at all? Some on TV this morning saying its the noise or the sight of the whip being swung but if that was the case...
  14. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    They seem to be as rare as rocking horse s$~t at the moment. I've managed to get the front done, but the rear still needs attention. Anyone have an insight on the possible current drought of Anakee rears? Si...
1-14 of 15 Results