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  1. Transalp
    I see signs of corrosion on the rear rim so I think a new rim is in order, anyone out there got one for sale?:thumb::thumbup: :thumb::thumbup: :thumb::thumbup: :thumb::thumbup:
  2. Transalp
    I thought when i bought this it had been repainted at some point. But now after taking it apart theres no signs of other colours anywhere not even under the tank. What do you think?
  3. Africa Twin
    The clutch cover on my 2002 is a showing signs of corrosion under the existing paint, so I'm going to clean it back and prime and paint it in situ. Can anyone advice what shade of paint (probably from Halfords) matches the existing Honda paint?
  4. Travel
    Nicked this from a Guzzi forum. Worth a watch just to see the dozy berks who ignore road signs. Enjoy! Les The Toughest Bridge in the World | Adask's law
  5. Chatter
    Seems to me that any excuse to get around the "spirit of the law" is currently in vogue - Sign error on M42 motorway may mean speeding let-off. If the signs were clearly indicating the speed limit currently in force, what does it matter that the font used on the display was not strictly...
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi, Long time lurker here, created a forums account but only decided to say hello today (just noticed i haven´t done it yet, shame on me :oops:). Hope to share some knowedge and at the same time learn some my self :thumb: 1993 RD07, 78.000km (plus change), still going strong and showing no signs...
  7. Transalp
    Evening peeps The front wheel on my 1999 600 Ta is showing signs of corrosion and splitting around the spokes :( Does anyone on here know if a front wheel off a 2000-2007 650 Ta would fit ,,,, Any help would be really appreciated as ive no idea :dontknow: Cheers Daz
  8. Chatter
    RED ALERT Vigilance paid off today, and saved me from a potential "OFF" !!! It got me thinking about those little tell-tale signs that give you the distinct impression that you need to be alert all of a sudden. For me, some of the tell-tale signs are... A car with a sat-nav...
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, Currently my bike is sitting down without running at my buddy's place. He's helping me to start up the bike once a week or so.... but he noticed that my bike is becoming a weirdo.. first she puffs white smoke (Quite a fair bit) upon starting but simmers down upon warmed up. 2nd, He...
1-10 of 11 Results