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  1. Silk inner gloves

    Do silk inner gloves help keep your hands warm at all? If so which ones do you guys use?
  2. Silk

    So, what other sad mups were too busy looking at the @ in the car park on last night's episode to miss what they were saying then! Oh, just me then:rolleyes:
  3. Wanted: Xl1000v varadero

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    As the heading says I am looking to buy a varadero,preferably carb model.I have, since I became bikeless traipsed all over the country viewing sows ears which were described by their myopic owners as silk purses (thankfully non of which were generated from this forum) so I thought the forum may...
  4. How to keep warm on a transalp

    Ok, I have been trying over the past few weeks to improve my comfort on my long weekend rides with temperatures hovering around zero, and after tonight's return down the A3 at -1 I do feel I am making progress! The main changes I have made: Taller screen - keeps wind off chest/neck Silk glove...
  5. Sleeping bag / Liner

    I don't do much camping these days, As I have a nice warm caravan :sunny: But I do 1 or 2 short trips on the bike and the last twice i've been a tad cold at night. :( My sleeping bag is only a cheapish mummy type bag which is ok if the weather is good But I was thinking maybe a sleeping bag...
  6. A popping we will go a popping we will go .....

    Africa Twin
    Ok got your attention or not perhaps. I am on route to the Austrian Alps and my exhaust has been popping and banging on the over run since leaving Wales. Ok I know all the things to do - I am pretty handy with all that stuff but want to check out a couple of things - now no disrespect but only...
  7. Finally, the next bike

    Having sold my '99 AT to DRLANER, something new and different was called for. I fancied a change from dual-sports, so thought I'd try a Bonnie. After test riding a couple Bonnies, and being on the look-out for either an '05 Aegean Blue or an '07/'08 Silver, I've finally found a bike I like and...
  8. Free: 2 x Honda stickers

    For Sale / Wanted
    Folks I recently got a replica set of decals. When I fitted them to my bike I found I was left with 2 stickers. They are silk screen printed in plain black, they say HONDA in proper Honda typeface and measure about 16-18cms in length and about 3-4cms in height. I don't need them so the first...
  9. For Sale: For sale 1988 Dominator

    For Sale / Wanted
    1988 Dominator Hi guys, I'm selling my 1988 Dommie NX650; E reg. It's an import, imported 1998 34K KM, at least 9 months MOT and TAX I bought it as a second commuter bike but I'm not happy using as a commuter, as I do other things at work making luggage a necessity etc; I wanted a Dommie years...
  10. TA's travel article in MCN this week

    I notice in the back of MCN this week is a little story of four Transalps that ride from London to Vladivostok, following the old silk route. Passing through Kazakhstan, Mongolia an so on. 15,500 miles, Quote: they've now set up a bike touring company...
  11. Scotland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just got back with my son from a 2 day 700 mile round trip to Scotland and back in atrocious weather and not a single complaint from our trusty Africa twin. We had every weather imaginable, rain, sleat, snow, minus 5 degees, dense freezing fog and, strange as it may seem for Scotland, even a...
  12. Saving weight and space

    Anyone tried wearing the wife's/girlfriend's underwear when travelling? Saves doubling up on u/wear and that silk is epecially nice against the skin. :D Frilly knickers are not so good as they leave a pattern on your skin. The only drawback is of course after an accident, when it's difficult...
  13. Three thoughts

    A couple of thoughts crossed my mind... Well 3 linked ones... Firstly I was reading Magwas comments about my riding style on an earlier post on the forum, then I read about McVicar and Lord Vadar dropping their bikes, here (something I've done more than a few times!!!), and then I read the...
  14. Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Eventually, after much waiting, I finally picked my bike up from the Newark warehouse on the 28th of July. I headed SW through Pennsylvania state to Virginia, to pick up the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. On the way, I stopped via Gettysburg. A place where New Yorkers beat a...
  15. Product Review - Oxford Chillout Inner Gloves

    Product - Oxford Chillout Inner Gloves Verdict - Save your money Price - 11.99 Review. Why the feck did I buy these? Well it was cold and my heated grips just weren't up to the job, so I popped in to Hein Gericke. They showed me silk inner gloves and the Chillout gloves. The chillout gloves...