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  1. Silverstone half Marathon 2014

    Entry paid today - best get back down the gym and start getting fit again.......
  2. Classic GP footage

    just been sent this link to some footage of the 1977 Silverstone GP how times have changed British Motorcycle Grand Prix Silverstone 1977 - YouTube gotta love the straw crash barriers :) I was only sent it because it's my mates dad doing the wheelie at the start :thumbleft:
  3. Air Amulance fundraising - Silverstone Half Marathon

    Charity Events
    well as it looks like I really am running this half marathon thing now I thought it was about time I started raising some cash for my chosen good cause. I'm raising money for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance and anyone who would like to sponsor me can do so HERE -...
  4. Silverstone Half Marathon

    In my numptyness (maybe I was drunk) I have entered the silverstone half marathon in March 6th 2011. Now I know this is ages away but I am very unfit, in fact I haven't really done any serious training since I injured my knee 4 years ago. I'm going to post my training progress here, as an...
  5. MotoGP Silverstone in Ireland

    The Longest Day
    For those not coming home on Sunday, who fancies catching the MotoGp over pub lunch somewhere like Kilarney after a ride round the lakes taking in the Gap of Dunloe? I will be heading upto Naas after that to get a b&b for return ferry Mon am.
  6. renault f1 -silverstone

    up to 4 free tickets to go watch renault at silver stone,,,i sent off for mine,,, gisa shout whos up for it ( i might be able to go lol)