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  1. MCN Buxton Pics???

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, happy new year and all that! Has anyone recieved the pics that the photographer took at the MCN shoot in Buxton? Simon said that he would email/USB stick etc all the pics out to those that turned up. I would be a bit disappointed, after all the effort we put in, if he hasn't bothered...
  2. Africa Twins and Motorcycle News

    Africa Twin
    Re-posting this from the 'Contact Section'
  3. xr250r engine to swingarm bushes

    Hi all Can any body help! I've just managed to get hold of a xr250r engine and its missing the 2 tophat bushes that go into the crankcase to support the swing arm bolt. Anybody help me with these please. Thanks Simon
  4. xr250r engine

    Hi all Asked before but still need engine 1996_04 Anybody???????? Thanks Simon
  5. Looking for Simons Tree

    Two riders, Max Jowett and Doug Smith have started on their own journey from their homes in Devon to Mali in North West Africa looking for the memorial for Simon Milward in Mali in a trip – Looking for Simon’s Tree. and they will fix a brass plaque to the tree...
  6. Ligurische GrenzKammStrasse.

    Great Roads/Routes
    Anyone from this Parish driven that route? Ligurische GrenzKammStrasse. Map: Pictures...
  7. What did you get for Christmas ?

    Merry Christmas one & all hope you had a fab festive one ! I got a fab digital tyre pressure gauge, simon's cat book, cars 2, captain america & the inbetweeners movie on dvd. Cars 2 is fab watched it before lunch, also got some brian griffin lounge pants, a brevil toaster, & some other fab &...
  8. Ted Simon at the Transport Museum

    I'am not allowed to post this News item, in Mr Whealie's News Section or the Announcements section, so if it needs moving to one of these could a mod sort it please. For info to the peeps of XRV, Coventry Transport Museum GOG x
  9. Simon Pavey "DAKAR" Evening

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    New and Used BMW Motorcycle Dealers, Hampshire, UK - Bahnstormer Si Pavey will be in Alton, Hamphire 25th April giving a talk on the "Dakar". Starts at 7pm ( I'd be there an damm sight earlier tho :thumbright:) Proceeds go to "Riders for Health" :thumbup:. Tickets £15.:D
  10. Simon's cat

    Nothing to do with bikes, just a bit of fun. For anyone who has had the honour of being owned by a cat, this is a great little cartoon clip: ;)
  11. SIMON

    Hi mate - got your pm, but cant reply back as your in box is full up :D
  12. Ted simon Interview BBC Radio 4

    according to Lois on the Loose website (great book) she is being interviewed with the legendary Ted Simon of Jupiters Travels fame on BBC Radio 4 Excess Baggage this saturday- I would recommend the book Lois On The Loose found it the other day browsing in Waterstones, It describes her solo bike...
  13. Simon and Phoenix climbing BEN NEVIS to raise money

    Hi all, Simon and I are taking part in a sponsored climb of Ben Nevis during St. Partricks Weekend 16th-18th March, to try and raise funds for the charity I work for in Northern Ireland. :thumb: The Link Family and Community Centre came into being in January 1997. It was an attempt to make a...
  14. One for Simon

    Heres a photo for Simon, hope you like :twisted: :lol: :lol: :wink:
  15. Happy Birthday Simon

    :occasion4: Simon , don't drink to much :occasion6: :occasion7: :thefinger: :pottytrain5: :sad4: :drunken: