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  1. Africa Twin
    Wifey (well exwifetobe) is currently in Singapore on a mission. She mailes me today to say she saw an Africa Twin anybody from here?
  2. Varadero
    Hi there. I think i got an idea. Was tidying my garage and faound some magic spongues (not magic mushrooms :)), and figured it out... I have been trying to get my rubbery Vara plastics a bit less faded without luck. Tried peanut butter, silicon conditioner etc. Last time in Singapore I got hold...
  3. Chatter
    Hello all from sunny Oz. Just waiting in the VIP Lounge at Brisbane airport for our flight to Auckland. Had a 2 day stopover at Singapre and 2days here, where it is a comfortable 30 to 32 degrees C Had the obligatory Singapore Sling at a raffles, and yes, I threw my peanut shells on the...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi lads, I'm currently in Singapore, partly on vacation, partly to stock up on some needed spares for my RD07A, like tires and cables. Having found almost all things I was looking for, I unexpectedly found a new Wilbers shock. Presumably a 640, but I forgot to take note, so not 100% sure. I...
  5. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello people, I'm from Singapore. Riding an Africa twin as well. Been riding it for three years already but there's still a lot more to learn about it.Mine is an Rd07. Love this forum. There a lot of "hands-on" stuff to learn here. But too bad, in singapore it's illegal to mod our bikes. Only...
  6. Travel
    Hi Guys, Bit of long shot but here goes, Ive got a friend whos sailing with the Navy down this way, somehow he has managed to knacker both wheels on his XR400, dont ask how cos I dont know, Ive logged onto aswell to ask for help there, but I though Id give my friendly...
  7. Chatter
    Anyone watch the 100M final today down the pit lane?? The Ferrari crew got Gold, Silver and Bronze... (apologies for the soundtrack not being in english)
  8. Chatter
    I know it's a bit of a longshot but is anyone going to be in Singapore for the F1. :wav: Give me a shout / pm for a meet up and I will pass my local phone number. :occasion5:
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi Guys I have been looking for the thread which mentions the Singapore bike spares shop, But cant find it again, I am after a new fuel pump and reg/rec, for the @ Both of which seem to be working ok now but my baterry needs water refill after every ride 70-80 Kms so think reg/rec may be on...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hello to all the Masters from UK. Newbie just bought RD07A 6 months ago. Love the bike. my ride
  11. Dominator / FMX
    An Ad on a Singapore touring bike website that I frequent, appeared today, selling a UK registered Dominator 650. Anyone know the gent involved? (seems to have had an interesting time travelling over here). Also, anyone know how much would be a fair price for it? The proceeds are going to good...
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi AT friends from the UK & Europe. Do visit us our forum.... :D :D :D
1-13 of 13 Results