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  1. That is some heat sink

    Africa Twin
    Anyone spot the reg/ rec heat sink fitted to the latest Stafford Motorcycles ebay @. Has anyone tried anything similar to prevent it from overheating? is it a useful modification?
  2. For Sale: Varadero XL1000 Towbar

    For Sale / Wanted
    For a bit more detail, see here: and here: This was more of an experiment to...
  3. I made a tree at work.

    This is the Traffic Light Tree which used to stand at Heron Quay roundabout. Taken down and stored in some lorry containers until a new site was found. Piled foundations went in in September and before Christmas we lowered the main post onto the holding down bolts. Then these two poor blokes...
  4. ACF-50

    Mechanical Advice
    I've heard some good things about this essence ;) 17 quid a throw from Amazon dot co dot UK, but I read that it's best placed in the kitchen sink, in warm water for a bit, to thin it out before applying? Any tips appreciated, thanks :)
  5. Regulator rectifier

    Africa Twin
    XRV750 RD07Y - I have just made an alloy heat sink for this and bolted it back onto the frame using stainless Allen bolts but its just a occurred to me - does this need to be earthed through the frame on the AT? What charging voltage would you expect? Cheers
  6. Thailand: Mae Sot & Mae Sariang - good roads, bad roads!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This was originally written for Thailand's motorcycle forums: apologies for assuming you may know the areas and roads...... some of you might though! Open link for pics folks: Mae Sot & Mae Sariang - good roads & bad roads ********************* So, less than 1 week to go and I’m back...
  7. like som help :-)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I have some quistions,ill hope you guys can help me with . all about the RD04 from 1992 1. Does the bike not have a reserve tank ? what do you guys do then- tjek miles/ km or just look in the tank ? 2. My trip master WAS dead- i fixed it and it all worked, but then yesterday i wont o...
  8. Is anyone running 17/40 gearing on their RD07?

    Africa Twin
    In the past I've run 16/42 which I was mildly please with, although it didn't really make a lot of difference to cruising rpm and it was hard to say if fuel consumption was any better. My current bike runs a standard 16/45 set up but as my daily commute covers fast A roads and Motorway for a...
  9. failed MoT

    varadero just failed MoT on headrace bearings. 4yrs old, is this a known prob? same bloke MoT'd my triumph when it failed for the same thing at 4yrs old some yrs ago, so now im in two minds, im suspicious its his 'thing' if you get me, because there was hardly owt wrong with it imo, but its...
  10. Sold: Mazda Bongo Camper Van

    For Sale / Wanted
    Here we have a 2WD 2.5litre Auto ( 4 speed) 1996 (P reg) 84,000miles SOLD AND COLLECTED BY NEW OWNER camper van with a 'clearcut' weekender side conversion Now seats 6 ( three rearward facing in the lounge layout) well serviced ( By me!) recent exhaust/battery/rear wheel bearings/antiroll...
  11. Pirates

    Pirates seize two ships in Indian Ocean - Yahoo! News UK I dont understand it. These tankers are huge. The boats the pirates are using are tiddly. How is it not possible to repel them boarding with hoses, firearms, crossbows, boiling vats of oil - or ram into them and sink the %%%%'s .... is...
  12. rectifier regulator replacement

    David silver spares = £85 Wemoto = £77.50 Former is genuine, latter is pattern. Is there any benefit from buying genuine? I must admit for £8 I would probably fit the genuine. I've seen some advice regarding using a heatsink paste, which I can probably get from maplins, but also some have...
  13. Tour of Scotland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Due to Fiona's medical problem, (those who know us know what I'm on about), we decided to tour round the coast of Scotland to see if she would be ok for the run to the National this yr but after a few days it was obvious this was not going to be possible so we took an alternative adventure...
  14. Cheap screen fix

    This has been reposted! OK , I know a little about how air currents work and how to bend air,now lets throw the cat among the pigeons and tell you why you get that buffeting at speed when there is a cross wind of ANY strength. For all that air the screen pushes out of the way it causes a void...
  15. Methane gas catastrophe may be building in the Gulf

    Death from the depths With the emerging evidence of fissures, the quiet fear now is the methane bubble rupturing the seabed and exploding into the Gulf waters. If the bubble escapes, every ship, drilling rig and structure within the region of the bubble will instantaneously sink. All the...
  16. Crash Bars Panniers

    I'm off round europe... etc etc next year :thumbleft: To balance the weight out on my Vara so that I can take the kitchen sink with me :p I've been thinking about building some smallish boxes to fit on my front crash bars. Any advice if this is a good idea... anyone done somthing like...
  17. Return Spring issues

    I have a 1997 xr400r and I'm trying to reassemble my kick starter, but I can't get the tail on my return spring (the straight tail located on the I/D of the spring) to sink all the way into the hole on the kick starter shaft. The hole is pre-sunk and the tail can sit just inside the hole (as...
  18. For Sale: Varadero 1000 38k

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
  19. muc-off Dirty work wipes

    Product Reviews
    I came across these as a freebee with a magazine subscription, as wouldn't have paid the £10 for tub of 40 XXL wipes even with a 'fresh citric burst' But these have cleaned some really oiled and fithy hands, better and less messy than swarfega and even beating my own sugar and washing up liquid...
  20. Important Rider Information

    The Longest Day
    Hi All, The Dingle bunkhouse bookings are in Post number 3 below from: R559 to: 52.129597,-10.452511 - Google Maps Dunquin Dun Chaoin Hostel - Dunquin, Ireland - Hostel Review Dunquin Hostel is located in Dunquin, a small town on the western tip of the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland's...