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  1. The puddle situation

    Some may have come across this before, but I do agree that the puddle defo needs re-assessing a good few times :D Best Friends - a kid, a dog and a puddle - YouTube
  2. Kids riding boots

    my son has outgrown his boots again...:) (hope he doesn't take after dad for his shoe size)......has anyone else encountered the same problem and has a size 8 or 9 (I think) and want to get rid of them...? I see little point in buying brand new when I know for a fact that in a year's time I'll...
  3. Ignition key pops out

    Africa Twin
    Hi, on my Rd07 the ignition key comes right out when ignition is switched to on!! I only have 1 key and it looks quite worn out. I have drastically countered the situation by flooding the thing (the ignition, not the key) in WD40; No succes. Can the ignition be dismantled? Thanks in advance,
  4. Traffic cameras scotland

    Take a look around the scottish roads before you leave and see the weather/traffic situation Traffic Scotland > Live-Eye-Views
  5. Throwing a little light on the situation

    Dominator / FMX
    With my work and using the dommie as a commuter bike i do tend to do a fair bit of after dark riding and to be frank the headlight is crap so i was wondering after seeing some high intensity philips bulbs if anyone has an expierence of them and if so what fitting does the dommie use? cheers rik
  6. Very Nasty Situation - But ended well !!!

    Anna is back home for a week in Odessa visiting her family. Last night she telephoned me and i could tell she was very upset becuase she had been attacked by two guys who were very drunk. They had grabbed her and hit her, and pushed her over onto the ground. She had a cut lip, but nothing else...